The best firearm community channels on YouTube

Published: November 23, 2013

This list is about the best firearms community channels on YouTube. These channels all feature strong YouTube personalities that cover everything from firearm reviews and firearm safety, to blowing stuff up with automatic weapons.

Anyone looking to immerse themselves into the gun culture should start with these top 10 YouTube channels.

  1. The Military Arms Channel (MAC)

    Tim produces quality videos on a variety of firearms, with a focus on reviews and testing. Tim's personality is pretty neutral, making him an easy watch for a variety of people. He's had experience in the military and in a sheriff's department, showing the depth of his knowledge.

    The Military Arms Channel is one of the biggest community voices in the YouTube firearms community, with its own seperate blog and a powerful online community. For all of these reasons The Military Arms Channel is ranked first on the list. 


  2. The Nutnfancy Project

    The Nutnfancy Project is the YouTube channel of a retired Air Force Pilot. He's referred to his online name, Nutnfancy. Nutnfancy is different from many other channels in that he is one of the most in-depth reviewers for firearms and gear on YouTube. Nutnfancy was one of the first people to base his reviews on actual firing footage and field drills- showing people his real world experience with a product.

    Although Nutnfancy covers firearms, his channel is more comprehensive. He covers hiking adventures, gear, highlights the lives of impressive people, and even does some car videos. He's an all around cool guy to watch if you like long winded and detailed explanations. His channel viewers are very proud to be considered TNP'ers, and because of the strong fan base Nutnfancy has been able to support t-shirts, hats, and other gear for supporters.


  3. Iraqveteran8888

    Iraqveteran8888's channel provides fun, entertaining, and educational videos to viewers. Eric and Barry, the main people in the channel, are employees for a gun shop in Georgia, and will regularly speak about gun topics while at their shop. They've been known to put together some cool gun setups and they will often go out to the range to have fun and show off some explosions while they're at it.

    These guys are easy to understand, have a lot of fun, and they provide some great education while they're at it.

  4. Hickok45

    Hickok45's YouTube channel is as simple as it is successful. Hickok, a gun range owner, shoots a variety of popular firearms on his personal range on each of his videos. He appeals to the older crowd, but offers great advice for people looking at purchasing specific firearms. He's also a great shot!

  5. FPSrussia

    FPSrussia is by far the most popular firearms channel on YouTube. Combine a fake Russian accent with large guns and plenty of explosions, and you've covered the channel in a nutshell. I personally ranked FPSrussia a little lower on the list because even though the channel is great at delivering the special effects, it lacks a little bit in the depth department.

  6. James Yaeger

    James Yaeger's YouTube Channel has been steadily gaining subscribers over the last year. He's known for his rough and straightforward attitude, and believes in proper firearms training and skills. He's been featured on CNBC and has been recorded for an episode on American Preppers. Yaeger's experience comes from law enforcement and private contracting with the military. He's a love em or hate em kind of guy, but he draws a fierce following. He regularly talks about prepping, firearms training, and second amendment rights.


  7. Colion Noir

    Colion Noir is a black commentator for the National Rifle Assocation. He is known for providing slick and sexy reviews of firearms. He's also a lawyer in Texas, and so he combats popular anti-gun rhetoric on his YouTube videos using logic and common sense.

  8. cory07ink

    cory07ink's channel started as a guy and his girlfriend shooting a variety of weapons, and since then they've evolved into their own gun shop and range business. They provide reviews for a variety of items and also cater to the female population.

  9. sootch00

    sootch00 is one of the straight shootin' firearms reviewers on YouTube. He covers a variety of subjects with his familiar accent, and is very friendly. He does very solid and to the point reviews, but also throws in some bloopers to make his videos even cooler to watch.

  10. The Personal Defense Network

    The PersonalDefenseNetwork was the team behind S.W.A.T. magazine TV. They recently released all of their television shows for free on their YouTube channel, which is a great find for anyone interested in tactics applications. They cater to military and law enforcement, but their information is also helpful for the firearms community in general.


So, to conclude, these 10 channels are the best places to start if you're looking to jump into the firearms community on YouTube. While there may have been some popular channels missing from this list, I tried to provide a broad stroke at the most popular and well created channels.