Best restaurants in Ann Arbor

Published: November 23, 2013

This menu is about the best restuarants in Ann Arbor. It looks at service, quality of food, wine and alcohol menu, setting, and overall impression. I have lived in Ann Arbor for four years now and have had the chance to try multiple restaurants. Hope you enjoy the list!

  1. The Black Pearl on Main Street

    Has great martinis and seafood. The ambience is great and the service is amazing as well. They have great deals and the food is awesome. The owner is very nice, as his son is a student at U of M as well. Great food and people here. 

  2. The Blue Nile

    They have Ethiopian food, and serve it in a traditional way. It is really good and the service is excellent. hey have great appetizers and desert as well. The food is authentic, which is great. The settings are very traditional as well. 

  3. Cafe Felix

    They have some of the best French food in Ann Arbor. The service is great and they have amazing crepes as well. They have very good wine and food too. Be sure to try the desert as well, as it is some of the best in Ann Arbor. 

  4. Vinology

    Vinology has a great wine menu and good main courses. The service is pretty good but it is a little pricey. The servers are very knowledgeable and good at recommending wines for dining with. In addition, the setting is very nice. 

  5. Sava's

    This restaurant is on State Street. They have some amazing burgers and breakfast is always a must go to here. They have really good desert and wine as well. The service is pretty good too. They have good specials as well. 

  6. Ashley's

    They have some of the best beer selections in town. It is all moderately priced, and the atmosphere is great. A good mix of young professionals and graduate students from Michigan. They have a lot of good food as well. 

  7. Cafe Zola

    They have the Kobe burger, which is the best hamburger hands down in town. In addition, they have amazing fries and other items. They have good drinks as well. In addition, the atmosphere is pretty nice. Service is pretty good as well.

Black Pearl is the best restuarant in Ann Arbor, but the Blue Nile and Cafe Felix are not far behind. All of those restaurants are on Main Street in Ann Arbor. If you are in Ann Arbor, be sure to visit these places if you can.