The best (Free) Attractions in Dublin, Ireland

Published: November 22, 2013

This list is covering 10 of the best free attractions in Dublin, It is expensive enough to be travelling abroad and I would like to make this list for budget travellers who might be looking for something free to do! They will be judged by levels of fun, venue and access.

  1. St stephens Green


    At Number 1 we have another Garden! But it is not just any garden, it is big, spacious and has loads of ducks , occasional events, numerous bandstands and its own botanical gardens! An inception of sorts, a garden within a garden! It is so large you wont have trouble finding a quiet space for you and yours, share a picnic here, enjoy the open space and fresh air! Located conveniently in the City Centre you will have no trouble finding this hotspot!

  2. Dublin Castle

    Dublin Castle

    At Number 2 We have Dublin Castle, What Ireland list would be complete without a castle. In the city centre right when you think you might be too tired to carry on with the rest of the pedestrians take a walk across Dame St and right into the sanctuary that is Dublin Castle that is, afterall what it was used for the 18th Century. There are beautiful walled gardens, a cathedral and a library that are all free to public use.

  3. Ha'Penny Bridge

    Ha'Penny Bridge

    At Number 3 we have the Ha'Penny Bridge, It so happens to cross the number four on our list, the River Liffey, It is an icon of Dublin and must be visited on your stay. There is a tradition of love locks being added to the overhang of the bridge (padlocks) made for made for loved ones. It is a nice yet busy walk. Take a quick photo before you are swept along!

  4. The River Liffey

    River Liffey

    This at Number 4 is the River Liffey, the river that seperates the north and the southside of Dublin. It is long, pretty and cold. There are many bridges along the river that enable foot traffic and cars to go across, it is advised not to jump in as there is a fast current and it is Ireland after all and quite cold. There are many photo opportunities here, Just mind your step as there are bound to be many people on the same path as you!

  5. O'Connell St

    Now at Number 5 we have O'Connell St. You will have probably passed through this on your way from the airport if you headed into the City Centre, it is unmistakeable as there is a towering structure in the middle of this long and vibrant street. They clal it the needle and it was completed for the Millenium, Snap a photo and enjoy the hustle of Dublins Main Avenue.

  6. Natural History Museum

    Natural History Museum

    At Number 6 we have the Natural History Museum, with loads of stuffed animals native to ireland (extinct and current) It is a happy place to see the diversity on this small island. It has a small gift shop as you enter with friendly staff and docent led tours leaving from this point every hour. It also holds a vast amount of bones, stones, fish, and insects! It's a very cool place to get out of the rain to and is very kid friendly.

  7. National Library of Ireland

    National Library of Ireland

    At Number 7, Along some of the busiest streets in Dublins shopping quarter we have another quiet retreat. With amazing architecture and an astounding number of books and maps and magazines, This is a treasure trove for any wandering tourist. It is free in and they have walking tours departing every 45mins.

  8. Trinity College

    Trinity College Dublin Wiki

    At Number 8 we have Trinity college, It is a historic college and a happening place for students and tourists. There are a range of tours that operate within the doors of the college and exhibits as well. But it is toally free to have a wander and appreciate the architecture and snap some pictures with some famous statues!  You may want to break down and spend a Euro on a cup of tea and watch a game of Cricket in the winter!

  9. The Exchange Dublin Co-Op

    Exhange Dublin Arts website

    At Number 9 we have the Exchange, with a variety of events throughout the day and throughout the week it is worth heading to the website to plan an activity you'd be interested in. Ranging from Yoga to storytelling, to indoor markets and art exhibits there is truly something for everyone.

  10. Iveagh Gardens

    Wikipedia - Iveagh Gardens Link

    At Number 10 we have Iveagh Gardens, Set in the city center it is a beautiful and rather large retreat from the busy streets. The plant life is labelled so you can learn about native plants and also have your choice of many sheltered benches to enjoy a nice sit!


So in conclusion if you map out these attractions on my list you will find they are all within a short walk from eachother, and I have created a wonderful free tourist day out where you can take in all the sights and sounds of dublin whilst recovering slightly throughout the day!