The Best Mexican Restaurants in San Antonio

Published: November 22, 2013

Mexican food is a way of life in ths city, and not every place is great although you see mexican restaurants everyhere, so here are the places i like to go for those days when i'm craving real mexican‎

  1. Mi Tierra

    This restaurant is one of the best. It is located on the river walk downtown so there is plenty to see.The food each and every time I have gone down there has been awesome.They have never disappointed me, It is so‎

  2. Blanco Cafe

    this place has the greatest enchiladas in the world.They have three locations and have been around for decades,They make their tortillas in the back and getting a freshly made tortilla is everything.This is a great place for real mexican food without the › San Antonio › Center › Uptown‎

  3. Oblate Cafe

    This cafe has been around for a few years and though they serve mexican food they have best pancakes ever.Their gorditas are awesome and even something as simple as the kids hamburger taste pretty good.This pplace is one i go to often

These are some of the places I go to that are always good, the service and the people are always friendly and I always leave happy.these places are the three i will be going to whenevr i feel the need for mexican food.