The Best Characters in AMC's The Walking Dead

Published: November 21, 2013

Can't get enough of AMC's The Walking Dead?  Neither can we.  The smash hit has captivated audiences world wide.  Think you have what it takes to make it through the list?  Here's a list of some of our favorite zombie fighters.

  1. Rick Grimes

    The main protagonist of the show heads the top of this list.  Rick Grimes is a former sheriff, who has found himself the leader of a group of people.  From the unlikely meeting of him and his family, to the things he's had to do in order to protect them, Rick belongs at the top.

  2. Philip Blake (The Governor)

    Season 3 finally brought us the villian we've been waiting so long for.  The Governor made his debut and shocked the world round with his brutal tactics.  He progressed from a leader not unlike Rick Grimes, into a dictator hell-bent on destroying his enemies.  With his appearance in season 4, The Governor is back to cause more havoc.

  3. Daryl Dixon

    AMC hit the jackpot when they created the Daryl Dixon character for the show.  He's the ultimate crossbow weilding warrior, and is easily one of the most popular characters on the show.  Though he isn't in the comic books that the show is derived from, he's already become a favorite to comic readers and TV viewers.

  4. Michonne

    Very quiet in her initial debut, in season 4 Michonne has finally stepped up and become a major part of the group.  If she's anything like her comic namesake then we are in for a fun ride.  Her rivalry with the Governor is one of the best feuds the show has seen.

  5. Shane Walsh

    Rick's former deputy and bestfriend, Shane Walsh helps Rick's family survive while Rick is in a coma.  A truly touching thing to do, but he soon finds himself having feelings for Rick's wife Lori.  As soon as Rick is back in the picture, things get hectic.  Were it not for his affair with Lori, Shane may still be in the group.

  6. Merle Dixon

    Daryl's brother Merle makes the list, as he's definitely one of the best zombie fighters there are.  Seperated from the group in season 1, Merle emerges two seasons later as somewhat of a villian.  In the end, his character repents and does the right thing, sacrificing himself for the good of the group.

  7. Glenn Rhee

    Supply runner extraordinare, Glenn is the first member of the group that Rick Grimes encounters.  From that first initial meeting, until now, Glenn has stayed loyal to the group, and remains one of it's most important members.  We hope he lasts a little while.

  8. Andrea

    Andrea doesn't quite live up to her comic book version, but she's still a good character regardless.  Unfortunately, she runs into the Governor and never gets the chance to develop as the sharp shooter she is in the comics.  Andrea loses some points for trusting the Governor a little too much, but she's still one of the best female characters.

  9. Maggie Greene

    Ever since Maggie came on the scene in season 2, she's commanded attention.  Maggie and Glenn have the show's strongest relationship, and are a ray of hope for the others.  In the show, it would seem that she's developing into quite the shot as well.  We'll see how things go with her.

  10. Tyreese

    We haven't seen a whole lot of Tyreese in the TV show, but if his comic character is any indication, then we're in for a delight.  The hammer-wielding basher is one of the group's strongest fighters physically, and in the comics plays second in command to Rick.

Well that sums it up.  Of course Rick is going to top this list, but it's always interesting to see who fills in the spots below him.  Everyone of these characters are strong contributions to the show in general, and hopefully we'll see more people to enter the list.