The Killers Albums, Ranked

Published: November 21, 2013

The Killers have been around since 2001 and although their popularity as a band has steadily declined in the past few years, they have consistently produced good music throughout their run. In this list, I rank the five major albums released by The Killers, while intentionally omitting Direct Hits for obvious reasons.

  1. Sawdust

    Sawdust is technically considered a compilation album that has a lot of early work and covers recorded from 2002 to 2007. I have this album on my list simply because a large majority of the songs on this album cannot be found on the studio albums. It's a good work in its own right, but if there is any album that you don't need to purchase, this would be it.

    My personal favorite song from this album is Under the Gun.

  2. Day and Age

    Day and Age was released late in 2008, sporting well known songs like "Human" and "Spaceman." Of the five major albums, Day and Age is probably my least favorite studio album, although overall I still believe it did add many good songs to the Killers discography.

    My personal favorite song from this album is A Dustland Fairytale. A song that starts out slow quickly builds into a well-paced song featuring Brandon Flower's vocal prowess.

  3. Battleborn

    When Day and Age first came out, I considered it to be one of the weaker albums that The Killers had released. When The Killers released early promotions for Battleborn, however, I still found myself very excited to listen to a new studio album from one of my favorite bands. Before the album came out, The Killers released the single for Runaways, which can be found on Battleborn as well. Battleborn was a hit for me, and largely outperformed Day and Age. There are some tracks that I don't mind skipping when listening to The Killers, but others I will simply refuse to skip if they come on.

    My personal favorite song from this album is Miss Atomic Bomb. The song is largely considered a spiritual sequel/prequel to Mr. Brightside, as shown in the music video.

  4. Sam's Town

    Sam's Town is a largely enjoyable album with memorable hits like "When You Were Young" and "Read My Mind." I largely enjoyed this album, although there are some songs that I could do without. Sam's Town represented a small change, musically for The Killers from their first album, Hot Fuss. I thought the transition was well executed and that The Killers really hit their stride with Sam's Town.

    My personal favorite song from this album is When You Were Young. It is featured on Rock Band and has a great overall melody.

  5. Hot Fuss

    The top 2 albums released by The Killers are generally interchangeable. However, I believe that Sam's Town ranks number 2 because the first album that The Killers released also has the most songs best representative of what The Killers are all about. With their hits "Mr. Brightside" and "Somebody Told Me", the first album released by The Killers is also their best.

    My personal favorite song from this album is All These Things That I've Done.

Overall, I believe that The Killers have some amazing music that you can enjoy. If you're looking to getting into The Killers, I highly recommend starting with my favorite, Hot Fuss. Surprisingly, I've listened to certain songs from Battleborn than I have from Sam's Town. They're about equally good and worth your time and money if you enjoyed Hot Fuss.