The Best Restaurants in Trussville, Alabama

Published: November 21, 2013

This list describes the best restaurants in Trussville, Alabama according to public ratings and reveiws. Restaurants included are Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and much more. Location is another factor considered in the making of this list.

  1. Olive Garden

    Olive Garden receives the number 1 rating on this list because of location, flavor, and pricing on special deals. Olive Garden is an upscale restaurant located in the heart of Trussville's premier Pinnacle shopping center. Olive Garden serves Italian food and has wonderful deals for lunch during the day for hungry shoppers. Endless Soup and Salad is a popular choice among locals for only $7.99. Olive Garden provides a warm and elegant atmosphere for any occasion, as well as a waiter who personally grinds cheese over the complimentary salad in front of diners. In conclusion, Olive Garden provides an entertaining and luxurious dining experience while serving flavorful, affordable meals. Olive Garden's menu can be viewed at

  2. Red Lobster

    Red Lobster earns a high ranking on the best restaurants of Trussville's list because it provides a fine dining experience and is also close to popular shopping stores. The Pinnacle holds Red Lobster's restaurant and is convenient for shoppers and absolutely delicious. Red Lobster offers seafood, soups, salads, and more. Red Lobster is a popular choice in Trussville because it is one of the only fine dining seafood restaurants in the immediate area. Red Lobster has fair pricing and excellent customer service. Low waiting times and friendly waiters can be expected during a visit to this delicious restaurant located in downtown Trussville. Red Lobster has a large variety of dishes that can be viewed on the online menu at

  3. Konomi

    Konomi is a Japanese steak and sushi restaurant that is located in Trussville next to many popular stores. While location is convenient, Konomi offers delicious dishes with a wonderful dining experience. The professional chefs at Konomi cook steak, chicken, and fish right in front of the dining guests. The chefs provide entertaining tricks and a fun atmosphere for guests as they watch their food cook before their very eyes. Konomi is an excellent place for social gatherings like birthdays or prom night dinners. In conclusion, Konomi is an excellent choice for a fine dining experience in Trussville. View more information at

Olive Garden is definitely the winner when it comes to the best restaurant in Trussville. Everyone loves the prices, flavor, service, and location associated with this fine restaurant. Olive Garden provides reasonable prices, while being conveniently close to premier shopping stores and offers affordable pricing. When people come to Olive Garden, they are ready for an elegant dining experience that provides a delicious meal in a friendly atmosphere.