5 Places you should check out while in Washington

Published: November 21, 2013

Having been a resident of Washington for 10 plus years you get to see a lot of places but for people just coming into town for a few days this is to let them know what someone from here thinks a tourist should see.

  1. The Space Needle

    Built in 1962 for the World's Fair the Space Needle has become an iconic building for Seattle. Not only can you find yourself 500 feet off the ground on the observation deck afterwards you can get something to eat in the SkyCity restaurant and something for your friends back home in the giftshop.

  2. The Original Starbucks

    Located in downtown Seattle is the original Starbucks store. Opened in 1971 at this location and now there stores all over the world. Get a coffee and see where it all started. There are plenty of Starbucks now but there is only one original.

  3. The Seattle Great Wheel

    This is a recent addition to Seattle but just because it is new doesn't mean it isn't worth seeing. For 30 years Seattle business man Hal Griffith had a vision of a Ferris wheel in the city but it wasn't until June 29th, 1012 that it became a reality. Take a loved one and share the beautiful view of the city with them.

  4. Woodland Park Zoo

    For those animal lovers and those will children this is a must see. Located on 92 acres, the Woodland Park Zoo is home to over 300 different animals. Do you love Artic Foxes? Come see one here. Foxes aren't your thing? Come see the adorable Red Pandas. This is well worth the price of admission.

  5. EMP Museum

    Being a huge fan of music this is my favorite attraction in the state. The city of Seattle has such a rich history of music and much of this is documented here along with plenty of other artists. The EMP Museum is about more than a guitar mounted on a wall with a nameplate below it. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be on stage in front of a crowd of screaming fans? At the OnStage portion you can get a taste of that and even get a DVD copy of your performance. There is so much to see at this place alone, be sure to dedicate an entire day to visit the EMP.

As a resident of Washington I hope this helps you find some of the best places in our state. If I had to choose just one place to recommend it would be the EMP Museum because of there is so much to experience. This is just a list of 5 of the many amazing places in Washington but definitely some of the best we've got. Enjoy yourself!