The Best Vegetarian Options in San Antonio

Published: November 21, 2013

San Antonio tends to be a town full of burgers and tacos, but that doesn't mean there aren't options for our vegetarian and vegan foodies too! This is a top five list of the best options for vegetarians and vegans in San Antonio. If you're sick of a plain veggie burger or salad when you go out, try one of these local places on for size.

  1. The Cove

    The Cove is my top vegetarian pick because of the uniqueness of the food and their sustainable, local, organic mindset. Where else can you get a Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger? They also offer Jazz Nights, Wine Tastings, and Beer Tastings, so you can feel cultured while you stuff your face with sweet potato fries. This place also appeals to omnivores, so even veggie-phobes can find something to love. 

    Check them out online:

  2. Green

    Green is a totally kosher vegetarian restaurant with tons of vegan options too. My personal favourites here are the Green Burger and the onion rings. I always ask for "the works" on my burger: grilled onions and mushrooms! The bread is homemade and the vegan desserts are delicious. This is also a great place to introduce people to vegetarian cuisine.

    Check them out online:


  3. Vegeria

    Vegeria is a completely vegan and gluten free restaurant with great lunch and dinner options. This place is still pretty new and has found it's niche focusing on Mexican favourites and burgers. Who says a vegan can't get the tacos and burgers San Antonio so loves?

    Check them out online:

  4. Adelante

    This place is a bit of a throw back. They don't take credit cards, so be ready to pay with cash, and they don't have a website, so you might have to pull out the phone book to figure out their hours. But the cheesey potato poblano soup is well worth it! This place also has unique options like tofu nachos, and has several tamale options every day.

  5. Beto's

    Another great place where omnivores and vegetarians can come together, Beto's has options for pretty much anyone in your group. They're known best for their savory and sweet empanadas, but also have more typical favourites such as quesadillas that are plenty flavourful without meat. Their refried beans vegetarian too, so don't be afraid to get the veggie nachos!

    Check them out online:

Even though San Antonio might strike you as a city full of meat lovers, we have plenty of unique and delicious vegetarian options too. Check out one of these places and expand your horizons here in the Alamo city!