The 10 Best GCN Games

Published: November 21, 2013

This list is about the top 10 Gamecube games available. Whether you've had a GCN since launch, or are just getting started, this list provides a great reference point to the top 10 titles. While this list is purely my opinion, these games are a great place to start having fun

  1. Metroid Prime

    Samus's first time in 3D happens to be one of, if not the best Metroid game of all time. By far the GCN's top game in my opinion, Metroid Prime offers an experience unlike any other. The graphics were leaps and bounds better then anything that had been seen on the system so far, and the world looked amazing from inside the new HUD visor. Featuring an amazing soundtrack with haunting music, lush environments, from magma filled caverns to artic tundras, Metroid Prime immediately made an impact. Featuring unique upgrades like different visors and new suits, to classic items such as the Space Jump Boots, players were encouraged to explore the world of Tallov IV and unravel the mystery of the Space Pirates. For an even better time, try looking up speed running for Metroid Prime

  2. Skies of Arcadia Legends

    This game happens to be a port from the Dreamcast, but what a port it is. Featuring Vyse, a pirate, you embark on a journey to stop the Gigas. What sets this game apart is you're a pirate of the sky. Starting the game with your own airship you gradually travel the world. Featuring landmarks to find and different islands to land on and explore, Skies of Arcadia engulfs players in its large world. The battle system encourages well thought attacks since every move drains the SP gauge, but still retains the old school turn based charm. Add to that sidequests and the ability to add crew members to your ship that offer various services, and you have an RPG game with tons of replay value

  3. Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Super Smash Bros. Melee takes the original Smash Bros formula, and adds to it. Including new characters such as Marth and Roy, Mewtwo, Dr. Mario and Ganondorf, never have players had the ability to duke it out with their favorite Nintendo characters. With new items and stages, better computer AI, trophies to collect and minigames such as Home Run Contest and Break The Targets, players will have a hard time finding things to run out of doing. This game even has a professional following and is still played in tournaments around the world competitively

  4. Resident Evil 4

    Arguably the best Resident Evil to ever be produced, Resident Evil 4 is an experience that can't be missed. Featuring fan favorite Leon Kennedy, you're tasked with retrieving the president's daughter. Featuring an all new over the shoulder view (which inspired many games today such as Gears of War), Resident Evil 4 made it easy to enjoy blasting the usual zombies like never before. Huge boss fights that made you feel inferior forced players to create strategies to stay ahead. Add on top of that some of the best visuals the console had seen, along with great controls, and you have an unmissable experience

  5. Animal Crossing

    There really isn't any way to describe this game. Basically a life simulation with a more cartoonish polish, Animal Crossing thrust players into a new town. You buy a house and eventually start working to pay it off to Tom Nook. Players quickly find ways to make money, such as fishing, catching insects, digging up fossils and selling furniture. The game features neighbors who have their own personalities and likes and dislikes, as well as locations such as a fabric designer and post office. Eventually players upgrade their house and begin designing it with sets of furniture and wallpapers and carpets. Neglecting to play for periods of time will result in weeds growing and other events being passed by since the game takes place in real time, whether you play or not. Take part in Christmas, Thanksgiving and all the other holidays and even travel to your own personal island. Animal Crossing is strangely addicting

  6. Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II

    While PSO may be a port of the Dreamcast classic, it's still just as fun and worth playing. Players are thrust into a new world as hunters who are tasked with exploring the strange lands. Players design their own character choosing to be a Hunter, Ranger or Force, and what race they'd like to be. From there players explore the worlds and eventually learn the truth behind the planet. The combat is skill based and timed, and players gradually find better equipment and weapons as they progress. But the real meat of the game is the online play. Play with up to 4 other players and attack the harder difficulties that vastly change the lands. Grinding for that one item has never been so addicting

  7. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

    Sporting a new cel shaded graphic approach, Nintendo took a gamble with this Zelda game, and did it ever pay off! Featuring the same Zelda everyone loves, The Wind Waker tasked players with exploring the seas as Link. Featuring some new items and a sailboat, players could dig for buried treasure, fight enemies on the sea, and explore the same mind bending dungeons the series is known for


  8. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

    Another port of a Dreamcast game, Sonic Adventure 2 is the hedgehogs second time in a 3D environment. Playing as 1 of 6 main characters, players are tasked with racing through stages, blasting enemies in mechs or hunting for treasure to advance the story. Featuring an addictive soundtrack and lush graphics, Sonic Adventure 2 provided tons of replay value. It even features a chao garden, where you raise chaos and compete them in races and fights. As an added bonus not seen in the Dreamcast version, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle features a unique multiplayer mode that can break up the single player experience

  9. F-Zero GX

    F-Zero GX is a futuristic racing game featuring hovering vehicles traveling at insane speeds. Featuring a great soundtrack and many classic tracks the series is known for, F-Zero GX tooks players through races at blistering speeds. Including tons of racers to choose from, and the ability to unlock parts to create your own ship, F-Zero GX encouraged players to continue racing to build their own ship. While the difficulty can be punishing at times, the sense of reward is like nothing else once you've won

  10. Tales of Symphonia

    Arguably one of the best Tales games, Tales of Symphonia was one of the best RPG games on the GCN. Players were tasked with taking a young girl on her journey, and for the sake of spoilers are confronted with many obstacles. Featuring amazing battle mechanics, players could link together combos and fought in real time, moving around the battlefield. With a huge story that made you feel invested, side cutscenes to further develop the plot, and even things such as cooking, Tales of Symphonia offered fans a true RPG experience

In conclusion, the GCN is a great little machine that was vastly underrated. With Metroid Prime leading the way, and games like Smash Bros. and Zelda not far behind, it's easy to see why the system enjoyed a strong following. Here's to your enjoyment with the Nintendo Gamecube!