The best, creative, home based businesses

Published: November 21, 2013

This is a compilation of the top ten most creative home based businesses that will actually make you money. These businesses are based on creativity, meaning, not everyone in your area will have these businesses saturated. You will not be one of 200 direct sales agents, and you will have a target audience.

  1. Adventure Guide

    Do you like the outdoors? Camping? Hiking? Skiing? Surfing? Become an adeventure guide. You can get certifications (if needed) for certain parks and hiking trails, and you can take groups on guided adventures.

    You can also act as an adventurous honeymoon guide! Work along side your areas wadding planners to help active couples get the most out of their honeymoons.

    Turn stay-cations into adventures by taking families on nature hikes and kyaking trips in the local area.

    Be creative and the sky is the limit with this one.

  2. Crafts

    Cheesy, I know, but there is something to be said for doing what you are good at. If you enjoy wood work or knitting you can make money with it. Look at current trends, now put them together with your craft. Instant money. Advertise on Craigslist and bill through After enough people have made purchases and given feedback you will be well on your way.

    Craft fairs are another money maker. Especially at the holiday time.

  3. Interior Redesign

    No joke. People like to look like they have money, even when they don't. Learn how (you can even get certified if you want...please note this is not needed) to use your creative eye and redesign homes using little to no money.

    A home can look totally different just by moving furniture, adding pillows, or painting a table. People don't need an interior designer when they can have a redesigner fix you up for a percentage.

    Don't forget to partner with local realtors to help them stage homes they have listed. Your advice can be invaluable.

  4. Homeschool babysitting

    Perfect for the stay-at-home mommy who home schools her children. If you know others who home school as well, reach out to them. Offer to take their kids in a few days a week, make a lesson plan for them, and home school away! Other moms will appreciate the break, and even pay for a day off each week. This can be a money maker if you take on enough kids. (Be sure to check local laws for home checks)

  5. Personal Concierge

    Personal concierge. Not an assistant, anyone can do that. You can offer to be the assistant, but with so much more. Running errands, changing diapers, having the local cusine memorized so you can call and order great Chinese when a client wants it.

    You can shop for anything, any time, any place. A client needs a baby shower gift today? Not an issue, hop online, look up the happy couple and pull all their registries. Shop away! You can do anything, you are a personal shopper for ANYTHING.

  6. Private Investigator

    Do we need to say more? How many of these are just lying around town. You can specialize too, such as catching a cheating spouse, or specialize in custody disputes. This one is fun and super cool, especially if you have kids.

  7. Surrogate

    Ok, ok, so this one is not as easy as the others, but you can make someone's dreams come true while supporting your family. Plus your family can get in on that amazing feeling too.

  8. Baby concierge

    It's like a wedding planner for babies! You can help a lucky couple plan the birth, find a doctor, find the right birthing classes, and if need be, parenting classes. You can partner with local stores and boutiques to offer gift bags to expectant mommies and give them the gift of an amazing pregnancy.

    Are they having feeding concerns? That's ok, you know a lactation consultant and a good pediatrician they can bounce ideas off of.

    Are Mom and Dad worried their older kids won't adjust well? That's fine, you know a therapist who has a sibling support group that gets kids excited about a new baby.

    If it is question, you can have the answer for the soon to be mommy and daddy.

  9. Bookkeeper

    Get out the Quickbooks and get ready. Set your rates and go for it. You can gain multiple clients because you are not an hourly employee. They can pay you on a retainer and use what they need as they go.

    You set your hours and your rates. It is as simple as that.

  10. Home inspector

    Become a certified home inspector. When someone is buying a home they must have the home inspected. You can make a few hundred dollars by taking a few hours and doing a thourough home inspection for buyers or sellers. Just call local realtors and let them know who you are.

These are just 10 of hundreds of amazing home based businesses you can have. You can stay home and make money at the same time.