Top 10 Adventure Games

Published: November 21, 2013

Best adventure games, primarily of the point and click variety.

This is an opinion.  This is just my perspective and may differ from yours, but I will give you my criteria for a good adventure game. 


- Minimal pixel hunting - not many people enjoy hunting for that random spot to click on

- Interesting story - this keeps you motivated to keep going and discover what happens to the characters

- Unique and challenging puzzles - it makes you feel good when you can figure out a puzzle and it takes good game design to present you with just the right information to feel like you worked everything out on your own without being given the solution, better yet, a solution that is not a rehash of common puzzles

- Intuitive deductions - there are just some item combinations that don't make sense - it's always good when you can determine who you need to talk to, where you need to go, what you need to use

- Multiple solutions and combinations of items - adventure games innately constrain your options - it's always fun to have multiple solutions or ways to complete an objective, potentially even introducing actions that will close off other solutions

  1. Syberia

    Everything about Syberia from the beauty to the puzzles to the story easily place this as number one. Every dialogue option is wonderfully voiced. I don't think you could be dissappointed with this game. The second one is on par with the first as well and we can anticipate a third entry in the series in a year or two.

  2. Secret Files: Tunguska

    The first in this series, but the best. The puzzles were interesting and the sense of adventure was well developed.  The secend game in the series was nearly as good.  However, the third game was a let down.  The Sam Peters side game wasn't bad.

  3. The Lost Horizon

    I believe this is by the same people as secret files and is just as good.  Makes you feel like a modern day Indiana Jones.  Very little bad to say about the game except some of the item combinations are strange.

  4. Still Life

    Not for the squeamish individuals.  This is for mature audiences as it revolves around a serial killer.  The controls for the second game were not kind of a turn off and some of the puzzles in this one were not as intuitive as they should be, but overall a good game

  5. Broken Sword III

    Controls are a little unusual, but the sense of adventure throught the multiple perspectives of the main characters is interesting.  Some puzzles are interesting and I'm not sure I like the pseudo quick time events that are present in some parts of the game.


  6. Machinarium

    A smaller game, but not the worse for it.  It has good puzzles, though occasionally a little hard and not enough direction.  The story is told all through memories of your robotic character.  The world is as interesting as it is beautiful.

  7. Nanobots

    There is mostly just one level to this game and it is the predecessor to puzzlebots, but it is far better in my opinion.  All of the robots have a unique ability and all come into play in intuitive and clever ways.  Not one of them is unnecessary.

  8. Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper

    I have played a few of the sherlock games, but this is probably the best that I have played.  Some of the puzzles are a little simple, but overall the story keeps you going.  The controls can be a little annoying at times. 

  9. Hugo's House of Horrors

    This is mostly a nostalgia entry.  The game is an adventure game that reuires you to type all your actions.  There are three games to the series and much of it relies on trial and error, but it is a unique game and i love it.  Kind of a combination of text adventure games and point and click. 

  10. Jack Keane

    Whimsical and fun adventure game with multiple characters and environments.  Guaranteed to have fun watching the story unfold.  I believe there is a second game in the series in the works.  Hopefully it can live up to this first game in the series.

Syberia is the ultimate adventure game.  Great and intuitive puzzles, great environment and story, interesting character and mechanics, amazing voice actors.  Nothing bad about this game. 

None of the other games mentioned will disappoint an avid adventure gamer.


Honorable Mentions:

Indiana Jones - a little dated, but worth mentioning

Grim Fandango - mostly didn't like the controls... world was interesting

Monkey Island - a classic that can't go unmentioned

Longest Journey - can't get into the world... feels like they are just making things up in the story as they go along

Culpa Innata - interesting mechanics... uninteresting story