The Best Places to Visit in Queens

Published: November 21, 2013

Manhattan and Brooklyn get too much attention; this list will suggest some of interesting places in Queens to visit. Be sure to visit the Museum of the Moving Image, catch a game at Citifield, enjoy a hero at Cherry Valley, and wash it all down with a beer at Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. 

  1. Museum of the Moving Image

    The Museum of the Moving Image is located in Astoria, appropriately near Kaufman Studios. One of the museum's most recent exhibitions boasts various muppets created by Jim Henson. However, there are other exhibitions as well. General admission includes access to various old-school nickelodeons, as well as the privelege of setting your eyes on amazing pieces of movie memorabilia. 

  2. New York Hall of Science

    While it is geared mostly towards kids, the New York Hall of Science can be enjoyed by everyone. The museum has a plethora of interactive exhibits that will help guests better understand the wonders of science. For an added price, you can enjoy an outdoor playground created to demonstrate the fundamentals of science. 

  3. Citifield

    Citifield is the home of the New York Mets. If you're in Queens during the appropriate season, be sure to catch a home game and see David Wright effortlessly earn a homerun. The lobby holds a museum showing off the Mets' many acheivments. While hotdogs are the standard food for baseball stadiums, Citifield offers mouth-watering Shake Shack burgers. 

  4. Cherry Valley Deli

    Queens people scoff at Katz' deli because they have experienced the true potential of deli food: be sure to stop at Cherry Valley for an amazing hero.

  5. Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

    Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden is one of the oldest bars, not only in Queens, but in Greater New York. The beer garden is not only generous in their beer selection, but also their prices. Be sure to get there early, as it will obviously get crowded. 

  6. MoMA PS1

    The Museum of Modern Art recently converted a public school into a satellite location that specializes in contemporary art. During the summer, the museum holds outdoor parties with a wide-range of entertainment; at a recent party Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace unveiled new tracks. 

Manhattan and Brooklyn may be more hip, but Queens is nothing to scoff at. Many excellent parks, museums, restaurants, and bars call the wonderful borough home.