The Best Computer Mice for Gamers

Published: November 21, 2013

Any seasoned gamer will tell you that one of the most important pieces of equipment that they have is their mouse. It is highly encouraged for new gamers to purchase a fancy mouse of their own to enhance their gaming experience. This list details my personal top three favorite choices.

  1. Razer - Deathadder

    Razer products are often very well known among gamers. After struggling through a period of time when their products were substandard, Razer began producing the Deathadder mouse, which has consistently been a top choice among gamers. The Deathadder is a sleek, top performance mouse that might be a little heaver than the mouse you currently have. Additionally, the Deathadder is rarely plagued with some of the problems that other Razer brand mice have- like dropping during the middle of a game. With Razer constantly releasing new iterations of this mouse, the Razer Deathadder is always a solid buy.

  2. Steelseries - Sensei

    The Steelseries Sensei is a top notch mouse with great performance. One of the key defining features of this mouse is that it has the ability to change colors. The Sensei is a little lighter than the typical Razer brand mouse, and some gamers find the color customization option more fluff than substance. The Sensei is also a little more expensive than the Deathadder- another deterrent for a gamer looking for their first mouse.

  3. Razer - Naga

    The Razer Naga is a unique mouse in the sense that it has a full customizable keypad on the side of the mouse. There are quite a few versions of this mouse, with some offering more customizable buttons than others. However, gamers can find operating the Razer Naga to be a bulky, somewhat counterintuitive experience. Still others believe that the Naga is quite simply overkill in terms of customization allowed. I highly recommend it to those that enjoy micromanagement in any sort of game.

Overall, I believe that each of these three choices are solid first picks for a new gamer. I would definitely recommend the Razer Deathadder the most, because of its durability, dependability, and overall aesthetics. I also want to remind the first time gamer to never break the bank on gaming peripherals - more often than not, the difference between a standard mouse and keyboard and a professional "gaming" grade mouse and keyboard is very minute. A new addition to your peripheral lineup will definitely improve the overall aesthetics of your gaming setup- but it will not miraculously make you a better gamer.