My Feast Favs

Published: November 20, 2013

My list is about the Zoic Androids (Zoids) that populate Planet Zi, and my preference of the best Zoids with high speed (>300 kph) capabilities.

  1. Lightning Saix

    A king of speed, the Saix was the first Zoid built with speed as its primary feature. It was designed using an Organoid System, and built with the intention of its speed giving it a level of stealth capability. With a top speed of 325kph, it was very fast for its day, and saw several years of combat. Unusual for a Zoid emphasizing speed, its main offensive capability lies in its Pulse Lazer Rifles, as opposed to its melee weapons. Ultimately however, if speed and sniping capability are what you want, you can't go wrong with a Saix. 

  2. Hayate Liger

    Developed before the Era of Technology, the Hayate Liger is sealed inside the Zoid Core of the Murasame Liger, and can only be activated as an Evolt. Well Armoured, and weilding a top speed of 420 kph, it is easy to see why it's name means Hurricane Liger. Its two main weapons are the short blades mounted on it's forearms. These blades are made out of Metal Zi, and consequently, there is little they will not tear through. The Hayate's main weakness lies in its lacking of any ranged weaponry, however its speed is great enough that this usually fails to be a vulnerability. It's true weakness is its lack of sheer destructive force. 

  3. Liger Zero Jager

    A CAS of the Liger Zero, the Jager unit is a set of Armour developed exclusively for the Liger Zero, that allows it to go toe to toe with other high speed zoids, and opponents with highly variable weapons systems. While it retains the modest ranged weapons of the Basic Zero Armour, it additionally fails to add any melee weapons to the Liger Zero's equally modest armament of close combat weaponry. What it does do is give the Liger Zero the speed it needs to flit through enemy fire, and then pack an extra ounce of punch into its Strike Laser Claw attack, to deal enough damage to immobilize enemy zoids. A classic zoid of speed, through and through, topping out at 330 kph. This is the perfect average between melee and ranged combat in a high speed zoid. 

While Zoids are tempermental beasts at best, there can never truly be a perfect choice in what zoid is good all the time. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice  about where on the spectrum you want your zoid to sit in terms of ranged vs melee, along with factoring in maneuverability, and personality. For me, the Hayate Liger's top speed of 420 kph, along with its high maneuverability and powerful blades, make it the Zoid of choice for me when it comes to speed.