The Ten Best Karate High School songs, from a fan.

Published: November 20, 2013

This is a personal list of the five best Karate High School songs I have had the pleasure of listening to.


If you have not heard of Karate High School,, you should immediately start now!

These songs are in no particular idea, besides which ones I happened to think of first.

  1. Sometimes When You Lose, You Win

    The very first song that I heard from Karate High School, a catchy up-beat song that entrances the listener in as soon as the song starts with a unique beat. A memorable chorus will have you singing along by the second time the chorus comes along, even if you have never heard the song before.

  2. Zombies Everywhere

    The very first song on Karate High School's latest album is sure to have you pumped up and ready to take on anything. Especially for zombiephiliacs, this song has it's fair share of rises and falls, but yet just a hint of humor that will have you laughing and wanting to hit that replay button.

  3. Welcome To The Broken Hearts Club

    A song that everyone can relate to, this song is sung from the perspective of a heart-broken artist singing to anyone that will listen to the misery of his relationship troubles, even God himself. God's answer to him makes for a catchy chorus with a basic explanation of "Welcome To The Broken Hearts Club, you're welcome to stay the night."


  4. Dear You, It's Me

    A bit of a change from the usual catchy songs of Karate High School, Dear You, It's Me tells the story of a man who is still holding on to an old flame that he has no contact with, but is still clinging to the hope that his flame might be willing to rekindle with him.


    Being the last single on Karate High School's latest album, this song is an unexpected but nice change from the catchy, upbeat songs with it's slow melodies and soul-belting voice from the lead singer.

  5. What Are Those Scientists Up To?

    A story everyone can relate to, explaining to the listener that nobody can even try to document, explain, or even prove why love exists. The best thing for us to do is to just accept it as it is.

    The singer even refers to the scientists with their "blank clipboards", showing that after all of their studying and probing, they were still able to come up with nothing.


  6. Punk Rock Uniform

    A song for those in their twenties to thirties may be able to relate to. This song takes the listener back to their high school days, when everybody was the same but always trying to be different. The singer personally attacks a man that wears a Punk Rock Uniform, claiming that not trying to be like everybody else, is just being like everybody else.

    Upon further playing of the song, the listener eventually learns a dramatic twist that changes the whole perspective.

    Well worth the time to listen to.

  7. Good News and Bad News

    A play on the common phrase "Do you want the good news, or bad news first?" The lead singer portrays a story of either option being eventually a bad option to choose, while still explaining a life lesson that everyone needs to learn before truly becoming an adult. 

  8. Can't Hold Me Down

    Another change in the usual playlist of Karate High School, this song is more of a slow but still catchy beat. The singer is portraying the view of somebody that has been pushed around their whole life, and is finally striking back saying that nothing will hold him back at all now that he has realized his potention.

    A good fight-back song for anyone to listen to.

  9. Fell In Love With A Robot

    A simple, nonsense song where the singer tells the story of falling in love with an android robot. This song pretty much symbolizes the major revolution of teenagers/adults constantly being connected to their smartphones/tablets and how he worries that we will eventually forget about other humans and rely solely on technology for our every need (including love).

  10. The Secret Handshake

    One of Karate High School's more catchy, upbeat songs that simply asks the listener if they want to be in on the secret club that requires knowledge of a secret handshake to be in the "cool crowd".

    Most of this song is focused on high school clubs/ college fraternities and the realization that none of it matters after you get out.
    A secret handshake will eventually become no more than just a way you were "in or out" with popularity.

Any one of these songs is worth the time, in my opinion, to take the time to listen to. I have no personal all-time favorite, as I can enjoy listening to any one of these songs over and over again.

Be careful listening to these songs though, you may end up downloading the entire playlist onto your iPod!