The best of handheld consoles!

Published: November 20, 2013

Today we'll be going over the top handheld gaming consoles out there.

  1. Nintendo 3DS

    This console is currently the best on the Market.
    Whether you're a hardcore competitive games who enjoys titles such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, or a casual gamer who just likes to have fun with your friends playing games like Animal Crossing: A New leaf, or maybe you like the appeal of both worlds, and enjoy tiles like Pokemon X and Y.
    Regardless of what you're looking for, the Nintendo 3DS has it for you.

    Added on top of that, they've got a wonderful feature called Virtual Arcade, where for a small fee you can purchase all of your favorite childhood games, like Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past for the SNES or Super Mario World (Also for the SNES).

    What makes this console even better, is the countless hours you can sink into the free games such as Find Mii, that are built into the system, using the Streetpass Feature.

  2. Sony PSP

    While its not the Vita or the Go, its still the original in the series and the best built, in my opinion.
    Utilizing the original UMD disks that made the Play Station Portable so famous, you can play a vast array of titles on this amazing console, ranging from God of War to Little Big Planet.

    With a port for a memory stick, there truly is a near endless amount of add ons and features you can install and save to your console.
    One of my personal favorite is the internet radio.

    You can also save music and even movies to your memory stick, so you can listen to your favorite artists and watch your favorite movies on the go. Perfect for those long car rides!

  3. The Gameboy Advance SP

    Its an old console, I know!

    But there's no getting around its convenient foldable size, making it the most portable handheld console ever made!


    Not to mention the fact that you can purchase cartridges  with your favorite cartoons already on them! No more keeping your parents awake at night, while you're watching Teen Titans!


    With some of the best handheld titles ever released to date, like Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones and Pokemon: Ruby & Sapphire, this console has to take a place in the top three


    This was also the first console with a build in light, so you could play late into the night without having to purchase bulky add-ons. 


As we conclude this list, we find the Nintendo 3DS at the top of the list, but regardless of which console you choose this holiday season, just remember to have fun!