The top 10 restaurants in Lehi, Utah.

Published: November 20, 2013

This is a list of the top 10 restaurants in Lehi, Utah.  Let's face it, I am a foody.  I run long distance so that I may enjoy frequenting many amazing restaurants in the area.  Ranging from different ethnicity options, ranging from mexican fast food, chicken wings, and Japanese and American versions of sushi.

  1. Cafe Rio

    Cafe Rio is a wonderful Mexican Grill, started in Utah and grown to a burrito empire.  It is fast, delicious and was the first of its kind in Utah.  Cafe Rio has won numerous awards for their Pork Barbacoa Smothered Burrito and other yummy options.

  2. Lokals Restaurant and Sports Bar

    Lokals Restaurant and Sports Bar is a unique baked chicken wing restaurant with their wide range of sauces that are spicy, sweet and tangy that will keep you craving more.  From traditional wings to boneless morsels drentched in their sauce will melt in our mouth.

  3. Sushi House

    Sushi House is located on the outskirts of American Fork, Utah, right off the 500 East and Interstate 15.  Sushi House provides an all-you-can eat lunch and dinner options with reasonable prices.  The lunch option provides a large assortment of maki rolls and nigiri with an even larger list for dinner.

Here is a short list of some local restaurants that I feel are amazing and very affortable for lunch and dinner options.  All are Utah original restaurants that are growing fast.  As a mexican food enthusiast I am going to have to say that Cafe Rio is probably my number 1 favorite.