Best Retail Stores for Shopping on a Budget

Published: November 19, 2013

My personal list and favorite retail stores where you can find good brands and quality clothing and accessories on a budget. Included in the list are both average and higher end retail stores. A must read for anyone shopping on a budget this Holiday season.

  1. Nordstrom Rack

    This is my absolute FAVORITE as far as finding bargains on higher end clothing and accessories. Not only are the items marked down significantly from the regular Nordstrom but you can also find great items in the clearance area. An example of some things I have found in the past -- Coach sunglasses for $68.99 versus $140.00 regular price!

  2. Saks Off Fifth

    The key to success at finding bargains at this store is just really getting in there and searching through the clothes. Because it is a store that sells many higher end and designer brands a lot of things will still reflect a price in the 100's even after being marked down. I was able to recently find a pair of jeans marked down to $55.99 from $110.00 regular price. On top of that they happen to be on the clearance rack which made them $35.00. That particular day I had a coupon for 25% off which I just happened to remember and I ended up getting the jeans for under $20!

  3. Target

    Who doesn't love TARGET? Something about that store just gives me a sense of happiness each and every time I visit. Now target is not a discount store or anything but you can get some really great things on clearance from there. A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to find a set of very nice dishes (4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 small plates, and 4 cups) for a whopping $9.98. The original price was around $50. What a great deal!

  4. Marshalls

    Marshall's carries designer brands at excellent prices. I was in the local Marshalls here in my hometown last weekend and was able to get a Juicy Couture tracksuit (velour pants and hoodie) for a combined total of $55.00 and some change. Compare that to the retail price and you know you have landed a killer deal!

  5. Ross

    Last, but not least, Ross. This store carries everything from kitchen appliances to shoes. You can shop for the whole family here (even your pets) and find great deals on and off the clearance rack. Ross has a lower quality in my opinion than Marshalls but at the same time that lower quality comes with a lower price tag. I recently bought a pair of Anne Klein slacks here for $26.99 and they would've cost me $99.00 anyplace else.

There are so many other great places you can find good deals on clothings and accessories. This list is just my Top 5. Most big cities will have at least 4 out of the 5 stores I have listed above so they are easy to access. Nordstrom Rack & Target both actually have online shopping also. Happy Shopping!