The Best Places to Shop on a Budget

Published: November 19, 2013

My list will describe the best places for people to shop if they are trying to stick to their personal budgets. These places all vary in the products they offer, the type of consumers their products are aimed at and their average price ranges.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory

    This store offers all types of products from clothes to all members of your family to small appliances and baby furniture. This store merchandise is mostly name brand and its priced at reasonable prices. They also offer layaway for installment payments and deep discount sales that helps a n customer save even more money.

  2. Dollar Tree

    This store offers all types of household merchandise, housewares, baby products, paper and plastic products, seasonal items and just about any item a person may need all for one dollar. This store product list is so varied that a person can just about find any item they may need even auto products and food (can and frozen), and yes all for one dollar.


  3. Walmart

    This outlet store is famous for their extensive product inventory and for passing the savings on to the common consumer. This store has perfected customer service so well that typically a person can take their whole family with them and enjoy a day just shopping this  casually throughout this store.

These stores are what makes America such a great place to live. They let any person live within their means and still look great and buy great products.