The Best Shows on Primetime

Published: November 19, 2013

There are a lot of shows in the Primetime lineup this year. A really good show needs to keep the viewers entertained with a good storyline and a likeable cast. This is a list of the best, need-to-watch shows on right now. 

  1. Scandal

    Kerry Washington alone is a good reason to watch the series Scandal, but this show offers so much more! Following the life of the President and his love affiar with a crisis manager, Scandal brings drama, suspense, romance, and thrill. This show is a must watch that will have you griping your seat every episode. 

  2. Hostages

    The mini-series Hostages will not disappoint. A doctor's family is taken hostage in an effort to have the President killed. This show offers many twists and turns, and you will never know what is going to happen next. Catch up now, because this show will only last 16 episodes! 

  3. Grey's Anatomy

    This show has been around for ten seasons and is still going strong. Grey's Anatomy follows doctors and their journey through everyday life in the hospital. There is a lot of suspense and drama in this show and well as romance and life lessons.

  4. The Blacklist

    The new series The Blacklist is a suspenseful drama about a CIA agent who has to work with one of the FBI's most wanted men. This show brings mystery and suspense to the Primetime line-up and is sure to be around for a while. 

  5. Chicago Fire

    In its second season, Chicago Fire is based on the lives of the firefighters of Chicago. The cast is likeable and make you feel like you know them. There is plenty of suspense with fire rescues and ambulance calls. You will love this show if you tune in. 

All of the shows on this list are must watch TV shows. If you want a show that is completely unlike all the rest, Scandal is the best choice. There is no other show to compare it to because it is so unique and fresh.