Best Heating and A/C in SLC Utah

Published: November 19, 2013

I have owned several homes and have managed properties. I have used several services and have a top 5 that I would recommend to any of my friends and family. They are all honest and quick and if I have had problems with the work they are quick to come back and resolve the issues.

  1. Any Hour Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Air

    These are my go to guys. They are honest and fast and can get same day service especially in times of emergencies. They don't charge extra hour fees and offer great financing options.  They have an excellent work guarantee so I can rest assured that if the item they fixed for any reason has a problem I just need to pick up the phone without the fear of a costly service charge.

  2. Whipple Plumbing this is alway another great choice. They have licensed and bonded technicians and come with a large truck full of supplies. It is always a great reminder about the company and their success as you see their trucks on the streets daily.

  3. Same Day Heating and Air

    When  it is the dead cold of winter and your furnace suddenly stops working you want to call a service company that can fix your issue that day. So this comany says it all. I have read the google customer reviews and people have nothing bad to say about this company.

  4. Just Right Heating and Air

    I love companies that have years of experience behind them and that is what this company has. They are very professional and helpful over the phone. When I put a call in they walked me through a few quick diagnostics to see if I really needed a technician to come out for a service call.

  5. Absolute Air Inc. This company offers many services and discounts through my local mailer. Upon reviewing the company you find out they have recieved awards for excellence in their service. They offer great prices as well and help you find money saving products with maximum rebates. 

Anyone that is a homeowner or property manager always needs to have reliable service technicians. Each of the companies listed are quick, affordable, bonded, licensed and offer financing options so you don't have to go a day without heat or air conditioning.