Best Heating and A/C Repair in Houston, Texas

Published: November 19, 2013

This list is about the best heating and A/C repair in Houston Texas, to fix your home heating and cooling system. These are the best in the area with the highest rating through google, word of mouth, as well as from my personal experience. These are judged by prices, being punctual, as well as quality of work.

  1. Henry's Top Notch Heating And Cooling

    Not only do they have good customer service, but when they tell you they will be at your house at x-o'clock, they will be there. They also have good service men who do the job right with reasonable prices. Also, they are highly rated on google with a 4.9/5 stars.

  2. John Moore's Services

    Personally, I use to live next to one of the workers and he was very kind and professional as is this buisness. They have reasonable prices and get the jobs done right. On google you can find them sitting with a 4/5 stars.

  3. Air Tech Of Houston

    Again, I have a friend working with this company. This company gets the job done right, good prices, and they too are on time. They do not keep you waiting around and they like to help out their customers when they can. You will find they have a 4.7/5 stars on google.

  4. Mr. Rogers Heating and Air Conditioning

    This company is renown for good prices and great quality of work. It has a 4.2/5 stars on google. The only issue is the customer service is lacking with this company, which can be frusterating. But no one is perfect by no means, but they make up for it by being on time.

  5. Airteam LTD

    Again great prices, great customer service, however, they seem to be lacking in being punctual and should probably leave a bit of an open window if using these guys. They too are professional in their work and get things done right the first time. They have a 4.1/5 star rating.

  6. The Lee Thompson Company

    I was reconmended this company by a friend, and they are punctual, professional, get things done right, and reasonable in price. However, there seems to be issues with their customer service, and that is usually the fact they do not have the best English. They have a 4.0/5 star rating on google reviews.

  7. Air By Tharling

    Less known is Air By Tharling. Not only are they punctual, but will get there usually early. They do not try to over charge or take advantage of their customers, but try to help them save money when they can. They also have great customer service and get things done correctly. They have a 5/5 star rating on google reviews.

This list, best to my knowledge, are the best heating and a/c repair business in the Houston area that I know about from friends or personally know someone in. I based these not only on google reviews, but by experience of my own, being punctual, good quality, and prcies.