Best Zumba Fitness Studio's In Salt Lake City Utah

Published: November 19, 2013

Zumba is not only an fitness platform but it is a community. What started out as something small has become a huge international fitness craze. You can find people of all ages and all body types come together through fitness and incredible latin music.

  1. Sweaty Chix

    Sweaty chix is an incredible studio that started out as a single location but as word quickly spread about this amazing studio so did the numbers in attendance. Wendy is the owner and has brought in some amazing talent with instructors from Brazil, Peru and other South American Countries.

  2. Studio Azul

    Studio Azul stands out in my mind for their unique dance parties held on Friday nights. They have offered many different parties such as black lights zumba, and hosting different instructors for masters classes each week. It has given me a huge variety and taught me to love zumba even more.

  3. Studio 600

    This is the place for large zumba events such as the famous Lindsay Taylor's zumbathons. This place is amazing so much room, incredible sound system and lots of energy.

    They don't hold regular classes here but when you see any event being hosted you need to mark your calendar.

  4. Alpine Fitness

    This is a great small gym with an amazing zumba fitness and zumba toning instructor named Cristy Moody. Her long braids and high energy dance moves are sure to get you sweating.

    This is a nice environment if you are not one to be crammed into a class with 85-100 people.

  5. Fuego Dance Fitness Studio

    Chanelle Young is probably the most talented dancer at this studio. Her graceful moves and booty shaking makes her class a blast not to mention her incredible variety of music. Time really does fly during her classes. The cool down always comes sooner than you expect. 

  6. Lifetime Fitness

    Lifetime Fitness is the only five star fitness club in Utah. Here they have the most talented of all zumba instructors. They bring in the most beautiful charismatic instructors with the most effective dance moves. Ani and Kathy the Peruvian Zumba twins are probably the most preferred amound the South American crowd yet Lindsay Taylor and Laurie Vincent also bring a whole other crowd.

  7. EMZ aka Early Morning Zumba

    Get ready for some south pacific booty shaking in the early morning. This is the link to Maki one of my favorite instructors. In order for an instructor to show up super early with a ball of energy ignited within it is contagious and makes those mornings much better.

  8. Golds Gym

    Believe it or not but some the states hottest most popular instructors came from Gold's gyms throughout the state. Some of them are Kass Martin, Cecelia Mills and Heather. Kass has become one of Zumba's top faces featured in some of the Zumba video games.

  9. Lehi Rec Center

    Great entry level zumba classes for a small fee of $3 per class. They have great instructors but maybe not the most intimidating settings. It is fun to attend and follow up with a dip in the pool or hot tub.

  10. Treehouse This is a club with a lot of talent as well. But be warned coming to this gym you will want to be dressed to the nines decked out in Lululemon or Zumba or other high end fitness clothing, hair done and makeup on. But don't let these pretty ladies fool you, you will walk out looking like you fell into a pool with your clothes on.

Here you have a breakdown of private fitness studios to high end fitness facilities. Great range of class opportunites but nothing shy of a fun, high intensity workout. Step onto the dance floor and let your inhibitions leave you as you journey to another dimension and find that Zumba high.