Enjoy Your Precious Movement On Luxury Yacht

Published: April 9, 2018


We have a fleet of luxury yacht charter Dubai. We have a perfect fleet for organizing for corporate events, leisure and team building. The renting of our boats can be done on a daily basis. High sea fishing trips, romantic walks to the sun’s setting, or multi-day amazing packages. We also offer catering as well as luxury transfer services to marinas. Our rental service vessels are very convenient and secure. We have also fixed our fleet with safety equipment so as to ensure your security.


  1. Dubai

    Talking about luxury boat party in Dubai for people who can afford, one simply cannot overlook the fun and adventure Yachts can bring to the table. Yachting has to be the most beautiful sport ever. It’s an experience like no other where you get to play around the water over the deep blue waves of the ocean and feel yourself lost in an ambiance which is so soothing and peaceful to the soul. The kind of feeling that you achieve from yacht needs a whole new list of words to describe

  2. Captain Queen

    This Captain’s Queen Yacht is a perfect choice for short tours and small gatherings. The Captain’s Queen Yacht is 44 ft long and can accommodate up to 10 guests at a time. This speed boat can be opted for quick sightseeing and to look Dubai’s attraction with a small group. This can also be acquired for fishing as it is equipped with fishing equipment onboard. Its 1 wide cabins, rest room, kitchen, lounge, sitting area, and front end sun deck; all these things make this yacht a perfect and ideal option for small gatherings and parties that you can book through our luxury yacht charter Dubai.

  3. Virgo Yacht

    88ft in length, this Virgo yacht can easily accommodate up to 65 guests and 3 crew members at a time. Luxurious, spacious, and fantabulous are the three words which can be taken for this particular yacht. This yacht is comparatively more capacitive than any other super yacht and it can be opted for all types of mega events. You can book this yacht through our luxury yacht rental Dubai for your corporate events, family gatherings, anniversaries, engagements, and for all the other celebrations and can make your event stunning and unforgettable.

It is always good for you to take your staff for a trip on a modern yacht is good to motivate them and renew their spirit to work. We offer corporate event services, so take advantage of these. Other services that we offer include yacht parties, romantic cruise, sightseeing cruises as well as sunset cruises.