Best N.Y. Style Pizza in The South

Published: November 19, 2013

This list is compiled to rate the best pizza venues in Atlanta as it pertains to N.Y, style pizza. The venues will be judged by the type of oven used, The dough, slice size, price and overall taste. Customer service is also a factor in my list.  


  1. Grant Central Pizza East 1279 Glenwood Ave SE Atlanta, GA

    Grant Central Pizza is number one on this list because it's everything a pizza joint should be. This is what you call a no muss no fuss establishment. They serve pizza by the slice for a little over $2 and they still use the traditonal brick oven for baking. This pizza is as close to N.Y, style as you can get in the south east.


  2. Athens Pizza 1341 Clairmont Rd Decatur, GA

    Athens Pizza is as authentic az it gets. The pizza has great brick oven taste and the crust is toasted and grisp as it should be. My only complaint is the size of the slice. The last time i was there the slices were a bit to small. A good N.Y. Slice should be able to fold.

  3. Johnny's Pizza Douglasville 2911 Chapel Hill Road Suite 255 Douglasville, Ga

    Yes this is a franchise and for the most part Frachises and good pizza really dont get along. But Johnny's goes out of thier way to serve fresh NewYork style pizza. The crust is thin the slices are large and they deliver which is a plus since my #1 and #2 favorites don't. 


Grant Central Pizza clearly has the best pizza in Atlanta in my opinion. The taste is phenominal and the service is great. I would recommend that anyone that should find themselves in East Atlanta please stop in and have a slice.