The 11 Cutest Crocheted Baby Hats

Published: November 19, 2013

Check out the most adorable baby and toddler hats ever, from lacy to owly! All are crocheted and all make fantastic gifts, whether for baby showers or long after the babies come. Make them for every little one in your life!

  1. Crochet Owl Hat

    Crochet Owl Hat

    Are owls a fad? Probably. But this hat is too cute to pass up, fad or not, and chances are you will get lots of use out of it. Babies with owl hats = adorable. And don't tell, but this hat also comes in adult sizes.

  2. And Another Owl Hat

    Another Owl Hat

    Yes, another one. But only because this one is also just too adorable. Those tweed colors are so cute for a more earthy owl. I'm not kidding - years from now your kids will look at their baby pictures and say, "Man I looked good!"

  3. Olivia's Butterfly Hat

    Olivia's Butterfly Hat

    An elegant and stylish hat for the more refined parent. Easy to make and easy to wear, this hat can be dressed up with a lovely button for the center of the butterfly, or left plain. Either way, it's lovely.

  4. Teddy Bear Ears!

    Teddy Bear Ears

    Not technically a hat pattern, but add these to any hat and you will have a room full of women oohing and aahing over your baby gift, which will be the coolest in the whole party. People just love animal ears on babies.

  5. Baby Flapper Girl Hat

    Baby Flapper Girl Hat

    Babies and scalloped edges and ribbons go together like bread, peanut butter, and jelly - made for each other. How precious would your baby be with this sweet little cloche? Totally precious. Totally precious indeed. Now go make one.

  6. Little Lady Sunhat

    Little Lady Sunhat

    Now, for the more mature baby or toddler, the Little Lady Sunhat provides just what they need to look stylish, yet distinguished. They will be ready to head out to the garden to plant flowers in this sweet sunhat.

  7. Crochet Puppy Hat

    Crochet Puppy Hat

    You only thought that the owl hat was the cutest thing in the universe. Wrong. A puppy hat is. Combining massive adorableness with animal ears on a baby, the puppy hat is just beyond adorable. Arf arf arf!

  8. Lael Viking Hat

    Lael Viking Hat

    Seriously, these hats just keep getting cuter. A baby Viking? What! Your sweet little munchkin can play a fierce (or sleepy) Viking with this cute little hat, complete with horns. You can even add ribbons to the horns for a girl.

  9. Crochet Bunny Hat

    Crochet Bunny Hat

    The animal ears cuteness to the max! Long bunny ears - too cute! Perfect for a spring ensemble or anytime of the year. Quick, dress up your kids like rabbits before they are old enough to protest. Now's your chance!

  10. Baby Earflap Beanie

    Baby Earflap Beanie

    For the classics amongst us, we have the simple earlap beanie. No, there's no fancy ears or horns or anything like that, but besides being open for variations such as embroidery and appliques, the classic hat never goes out of style. Warm ears, cute baby.

  11. Bobble Bearded Beanie

    Bobble Bearded Beanie

    A bearded baby? Do I really need to say any more? Well, since you asked, how adorable is it for a little baby to have a bobblicious beard? Really, that's pretty darn cute. They will love you forever.

So, I'm partial to the Puppy Hat. It's just so cute. But it's hard to make up my mind, since the Viking hat is so cute too. But then again, I really want to whip up a few of the classic earflap caps. But then, how can I turn down the bobble beard (maybe I can't!). So many to choose from, so much yarn to use...