Top 3 Rock Bands of the 70s

Published: November 19, 2013

This list is about the best rock bands of the 70s. They are being judged by influence, talent, and relevance today. Many many bands ruled the 70s, but so few have had a lasting impression that is being felt today. I want to pay tribute to my favorite three.

  1. Pink Floyd

    The godfathers of Progressive Rock, and the precursor to New Wave, which paved the way for Pop acts for decades to come. They still appealed to the rock mentality, what with their driving, apathetic lyrics, and dark subject matter. They really got down to the nitty gritty, and were unapologetic.

  2. Black Sabbath

    The innovators of metal, and the darkness that surrounds hard rock. They made it possible for such popular acts as Marilyn Manson, Metallica, and pretty much any other hardcore band, to get a foot in the music door. Although the satanic material was a stage act, they are still being debated to this day.

  3. Queen

    The purveyors of theatrics, and adding a touch of class to arena rock, this band personified just what made music so great. A grab bag of ideas, and experimentation, and a lasting legacy that has not faltered in over 35 years. Many bands have tried to mix genres, but Queen has been the most seamlessly successful.

Queen is the best item on the list, because they had such a wide expanse of influence on other acts, and music, in general. They appeal to all audiences, and the showmanship alone warrants admiration and respect. They may not be the best musical act EVER, but their influence is apparent.