The Best Jerseys in the NHL, Past and Present

Published: November 19, 2013

Hockey has a distinct advantage over other sports in that the players are decked out from head to toe in team-colored gear. Not a single inch of space is wasted on the player. Teams are able to get creative with their designs, and because of this, the NHL has some of the best uniforms in sports.

  1. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim


    Nothing screams "nineties" more than the jerseys of the team formerly known as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. The unconventional diagonal striping, the eggplant purple, and the teal are all hallmarks of an era gone by, but you'd be hard pressed to find an NHL jersey nut that wouldn't like to see the Ducks back in these beauties. 

  2. The Dallas Stars

    Green is a severely underused color in today's NHL, so when the Stars unveiled their brand new jerseys for the '13-'14 season, people were ecstatic. They're a beautiful bright green, accompanied by silver and black that really make them stand out on the ice. 

  3. Montreal Canadiens

    The "habs" jerseys have hardly changed in their nearly 100 years of existence, and that makes them special. The bleu, blanc, et rouge is a classic design that's respected league-wide, because it carries with it a lot of history and tradition.

  4. Chicago Blackhawks

    The second "original six" team appearing on the list is the Chicago Blackhawks. The Hawks simple combo of red, white, and black is bolstered by their fantastic logo. The colorful feathers on the Blackhawk's head are one of the most fantastic subtleties of a logo in all of sports. 

  5. New York Rangers

    Another original six team? You better believe it. The Rangers' blue duds are so well known that the team is colloquially known as "The Broadway Blueshirts." The Rangers are unique in that they are the only team whose main home and away jerseys do not feature a logo, instead featuring diagonal text spelling out "Rangers" across the players' torsos. 

  6. Hartford Whalers

    While the Whalers have gone on to warmer pastures (they're now the Carolina Hurricanes), their jerseys will continue to go down in NHL history. A tasteful combo of navy, green, and silver that was paired with one of the best logos in sports history makes sure that the Whalers will continue to be remembered. 

  7. Detroit Red Wings

    Simplicity is the name of the game for hockey jerseys, and the Wings are the kings. Featuring only two colors and minimal striping, the Wings jerseys still manage to stand out. Of course, the bright red color and the famous whinged wheel help. 

  8. New York Islanders

    If you've ever seen a movie poster or a video game cover, chances are you know that blue and orange is one of the most powerful colorful combinations. The Islanders take advantage of this by using broad orange and white stripes on their beautiful blue jerseys.

  9. San Jose Sharks

    When the sharks simplified their jerseys for the '13-'14 season by getting rid of the black shoulders, it was feared that they would be too boring, and it would be a step backwards. However, their new bright teal duds really are striking. Unique colors are always great to see!

  10. Philadelphia Flyers

    The Flyers bright orange jerseys are made unique by the fact that they use contrast-colored nameplates to identify their players. Born out of the early television era, the nameplates on the Flyers jerseys really set them apart from the pack in the NHL, and they remain the only team to have such a unique touch on their jersey. 

While tradition is important in appreciating NHL jerseys, it's hard to look past teams like the Mighty Ducks that tried something new and made it look amazing. Too often in the NHL, teams try to play it safe with their new jerseys, and they end up underwhelming. If more teams were willing to take small chances, it would be a much more interesting league to look at!