Best Restaurants in Louisville, KY

Published: November 19, 2013

This is a list about the best restaurants in the Louisville, KY area.  I have compiled this short list after years of eating out.  These are all locally owned (non-franchise) and support our local economy.  I can't praise the food enough and I'm sure others will find them quite interesting. 

  1. The Come Back Inn

    Come Back Inn

    This is a hole in the wall italian restaurant the is amazing.  The food is addictive and varied.  It's not your normal joint with plain 'speghetti'.  The pasta selection is great and the food is more in line with something you'd find in Chicago.  I can't recommend this place enough.  It is by far my favorite restuarant.

  2. Cafe 360

    Cafe 360 isn't amaing because of the food, but more so because of the atmosphere and hookah bar.  The food is great, I recommend the Hot Brown, but it's situated on a busy street in a very hip part of town.  The hookah bar is an added plus and provides something that was missing in this area of town. 

  3. Maido Sake Bar

    Maido Sake Bar

    Famous for their fried sushi, this place is delicious.  The service is great, staff is friendly, and it's a step above the traditional sushi bar.  The sushi is the best I've ever had in the U.S. and the fried sushi will make you melt.  I highly recommend this place if you're keen on sushi or wanting to try something new.

These are my favorite restuarants in the Louisville area.  Each offers something unique but also something very familiar.  I have tried many sushi, italian, and american cafes and these are a cut above the rest.  If you're looking for some great places to eat, I'd check these restaurants out.