The Best Pubs in the UK

Published: November 12, 2013

Pubs are an important part of the UK lifestyle.  They are the heart of every village, town and city where friends socialize, watch the footie and have a pint.  More so, the traditional English goes far beyond the simple social house.  From the moment you step foot into one you can feel the history that seems to eminate from it walls.   These are some of my favorite venues that not only provide the ambiance and charm that England has to offer they each have their own unigue story to tell.

  1. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

    Once the favorite watering hole for crusading knights on their way the the holy land, this 800 year old pub sits beneath sits beneath Nottingham Castle and proudly touts the title of England's Oldest Inn.  This unigue pub is famous for its caves that are carved out of the sandstone rock that is is housed on.  Sitting on the bar is the Cursed Galleon, a small wooden ship that is said to have caused mysterious deaths to the people who have touched it.  Also, you will find an antigue chair that is suppose to increase the chances of pregnancy to any woman who sits in it.   This pub is must to visit with its history, selection of fine ales and traditional pub grub.

  2. Merchants 1688, Lancaster

    One of Englands most unigue pubs, Merchants 1688 offeres high qualtiy food, ales in wine in 300 year old wine cellars.  Originally a wine merchant's cellar for wines import into Lancaster at St. Georges Quay, they were bricked up at some point in time to become part of the Lancaster Rubber Company.  Then in 1980, when the building was vacant, the owner was rummaging through the cellar and noticed the bricked up doors.  After opening them up he discovered the vaults and decided to turn it into a pub making it a enjoyable cozy atmosphere to relax.

  3. The Three Mariners, Lancaster

    The Three Marinars is a popular historic pub located near the River Lune.  Originally called the Carpenters Arms, mariners have been visiting the pub since the 13th century.  The cellar is located above the pub allowing the beer and ale to flow naturally downward.  It is rumoured that the pub is haunted and that the ghost is in the restrooms.  People have also reported that at times there is a sudden drop in temperature in the cellar as well.

Taking a "Pub Crawl" in England can prove to be an historic adventure.  From mysterious objects to hautings and old merchant wine cellars the old pubs can not only provide a look into the past but a fun social event for the present.  These three featured establishments are among my favorites but they are only a few of the many unigue pubs that tell a story.