The Best Vita Games

Published: November 12, 2013

This list describes the top Playstation Vita games that has been released ths far. The ranking of these games are judged purely on my opinion, You're welcome to have your own choice of the matter.

  1. Persona 4 Golden

    Even though Persona 4 was released back in the days of the Playstation 2, it's still a great game today. It's basically a Japanese role playing game with a dating sim mechanic. But the story it tells and the amazing life changing characters in it makes it one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life.

  2. Hotline Miami

    Let me just say this, Hotline Miami is the game that sold me on indie games. It's a top down shooter that's brutal, unforgiving, and punishing, but it's also fulfilling and quite addicting. The game may look retro, but it has a spectacular soundtrack, bright 80's inspired visuals and outstanding gameplay. If you want a reason to see if indies might be a good idea to invest, this is the perfect example.

  3. Soul Sacrifice

    After Capcom announced that Monster Hunter wasn't coming to the Playstation Vita, Sony introduced us to the dark and grim Soul Sacrifice. Starting off as a prisoner of psychotic sorcerer, you encounter a talking book who tells you if you want to escape from your terrible fate you must live the life of the writer of said book in the hopes of becoming powerful enough to defeat your mad captor. I almost forgot the most important part the theme, which is save or sacrifice, so it also shows how dark and beautiful the world can actually be.

  4. Uncharted Golden Abyss

    When the Vita was first announced Sony promised that it would basically be a "portable Playstation 3" there is no other game to prove this than the Uncharted series. Though not developed by its original team Naughty Dog, Bend Studios did an outstanding job with Golden Abyss. Toting the same core gameplay style as its console brothers, the game proves that the handheld can compete with home consoles.

  5. Gravity Rush

    Gravity Rush was the game that sold me on the Vita, with bright visuals, cel-shaded graphics, a beautiful soundtrack and al available main character what gamer wouldn't want this? The story centers on the Amnesiac Kat and her "cat" Dusty who the former uses her power of gravity to save and protect Hekseville. Despite its short length and rushed plot, the story is truly impressive. If you're looking for a new experience in video games try out this well crafted jewel of a game.

As I said earier, the rank of the games are my opinion, I actually wished to add more but the list can't actually hold all the games that I love. The Playstation Vita is an amazing platform with awesome games, but it  doesn't get the credit that it deserves. That's why wrote this article, in the hopea that everyone shares this to their friends and family so that it could save this fledgiling system.