Make your Christmas tree look like it was professionally decorated

Published: November 18, 2013

Take your Christmas decorating to the next level. No need to go out and spend money on new decorations it is all about placement.

  1. Lights go on first.... rule of thumb min 100 lights per ft so 6 ft tree min 600 lights

    Getting the right number of lights creates the foundation for a beautiful and balanced tree. You should have 100 lights minimum for every foot tall your tree is. So a six foot tree should have no less than 600 lights. Always plug in the lights and keep them on while placing them on the tree so you can see how things are going.

  2. Fill in large gaps first

    Most trees have spaces with gaps. So this is where you should place the larger ornaments or pieces. I like to get the really large ball ornaments and stuff them into the holes. It helps keep the tree looking and feelig balanced.

  3. Choose a focal point

    Each tree should have one area that is the focal point. It might be wooden words, a pair of santa boots or something else that is important. You need to visualize what the goal for your tree is so you can plan accordingly.

  4. Ribbon, beads, garland or tulle up next

    Once you have figured out where your focal point is begin to wrap your tree with ribbon, beads, tulle or anything else. Make sure to frame the area that will be the focal point of the tree. Make sure it is spaced evenly from top to bottom to create symmetry.

  5. Focal point

    This is when I place my wooden words or special item. I place it at eye level (for an adult) and then begin placing the other ornaments arond to frame it in.  Make the area stand out not just be forgotten.

  6. The special limited quantity items up next

    If you buy special ornaments always try to get a balance of them so set of 3, 5, 7 etc then space them throughout the tree. Don't tuck them away near the bottom or back of the tree but keep them where you can enjoy them.

  7. Mid sized ornaments

    Agian sticking with balance you want to begin placing them through out the tree. Some might be tucked in a little on the branches not always on the tips of the branches. Create depth with your ornaments. This also makes the tree more interesting.

  8. Small filler ornaments

    We all have the boxes and boxes of round colored balls that are great to place last. They go everywhere that seems to be missing something. I love to use a few different sizes of same colors but some years I will mix it up and use a few colors. This kind of finishes off the tree.

  9. Star and Tree Skirt

    In order to complete the look add your tree topper which is traditionally a star but doesn't have to be. It just needs to be a beautiful large item that will be the crown of your tree. And just as important you need to get a tree skirt that fits the size of your tree. 

  10. Trees and decorations can be a work in progress

     And always remember it can be a work in progress. It has taken me over 10 years to fill my tree. I had a vision of the colors I wanted and each year have added to my collection. Usually buying pieces on clearance after the holiday season.

Once you are done take time to appreciate your tree. The memories from the past and new memories that this tree symbolizes. This is the time of year to make that tree something special and beautiful in your home. I hope these tips have inspired you to try something new this year when decorating your tree.