Lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym

Published: November 18, 2013


Attaining your weightloss goals is best achieved when you realize that 80% of the work is done in the kitchen. Diet is the easiest thing to change yet emotionally the hardest thing to change. It is critical to recognize this and adopt this mindset if you want to have long term results.

  1. No more diets just a lifestyle change is needed.

    Most people go on the yo-yo diet. They hear of the latest fad and starve or deprive themselves. Lose a ton of weight only to pack on the weight lost and and additional 5 pounds months after stoping the fad diet. The problem is not the fad diet it is returning to the previous lifestyle.

  2. Simple changes in my eating habits

    Some of the quickest things to eliminate from your diet are mayo, cheese and butter. These small condiments are high in fat, cholesterol and deliciousness. But the long term effects of these three ingredients can be seen on your body and scale.

  3. Eating 6 small meals is better than 3 larger meals

    When we eat smaller meals more frequently we are less likely to find ourself starving. When we are starving we reach for the ready prepared foods that are typically processed, refined and full of sugars and fats. If you are just starting to feel hungry instead of famished you are more likely to stick to healthier options.

  4. Stay out of the middle section of the grocery store

    The most nutritious foods your body needs are found in the meat, produce and dairy section of the grocery store. Boxed goods are full of preservatives and unnecessary ingredients that our body is not designed to digest very easily. The more colorful the foods in your meal are the more balanced your diet is.

  5. Your plate doesn't have to be empty to lose weight


    This is a perfect example of a morning or afternoon snack. I would probably add a handful of low fat wheat thins to get the complex carbs. But you can see you can have plenty on your plate. Just skip the ranch dressing to dip it in. I find basalmic vinigar to be a great substitute.

  6. Night time chocolate craving can be satisfied with Sugar-free chocolate protein pudding

    Go to the store and pick up some sugar-free pudding mix. Follow the directions on the box and add a scoop of your chocolate whey protein powder. I love top top mine off with a spoonful of the P2B powdered peanut butter. 

  7. Drink more water

    Most people don't drink enough water and then to make matters worse they drink coffee or alcohol without replacing the fluids lost. For every cup of coffee you need to drink 2 cups of water to replace the water you lost. Then with alcohol for every cup you should drink 5-7 cups. We constantly are losing water and if we are not replacing it our body can't function at its best.

  8. Ditch the juice

    Juice is full of sugars. Next time you look at the sugar content of your beloved orange juice take out a can of coke and compare. I am willing to bet that your orange juice has more sugar in it that the coke. High amounts of sugar spikes the blood sugar and also if not burned up immediately it turns to fat.

  9. Always include a protein a starch and a carb together

    When you eat something always pair it with some protein. You will stay full for longer. You will not over do it on the sweets. But also it helps maintain your blood sugar levels. And if you get headaches frequently that might be the reason why.

  10. Throw away the junk food

    Every time I have junk food around for more than a day or so I find myself eating it. Maybe it is just and small handful here and there but those extra calories add up. If friends come over for a party and leave a bag of chips or a 2 liter of soda I make sure it goes into the garbage. 

Once I was able to change my mindset about my food I went from living to eat to eating to live. I now fuel my body so I have the energy and strength to accomplish my goals. I no longer rely on 5 hour energy drinks, rockstars and monsters to get me through my day. Now I have healthy and real energy. Now for an energy boost I eat an orange with a slice of ham.