Best of Texas Hill Country Adventures

Published: November 18, 2013

My personal favorite places and things to do in the Texas Hill Country.

  1. Lake Travis

    This beautiful area outside of Austin Texas is home to a number of awesome things to do. The Lake itself is one of the clearest in the state of Texas allowing you to see further when under water. Lake Travis has mildly been affected by the South Texas Drought over the past few years but is still a favorite place to spend a hot summer day.

  2. The Narrows

    This natural oddity is North of Lake Travis and a must see for all those interested in unique rock formations. Formed over thousands of years but water flowing through the rocks it is now a "canyon" or sorts with beautiful clear pools of water ranging in depth from shallow to quite deep at the bottom of each. It is a spectacle in itself and a must see.

  3. Jacob's Well

    Jacob's Well is located in or near Wimberley Texas. Once a natural flowing source of spring water feeding the creek below surrounded by tall cypress trees this natural well is now a famous swimming hole for kids and adults alike. The well itself is about 10' x 10' across with a depth of 35 feet in the first chamber. Years ago adventure seekers took to diving the depths of the well, and discovered a second and third chamber. Some have lost their lives diving this well and for that reason the third chamber is now sealed off. The water is a perfect temperature year round and completely clear allowing you to see as far down as the water allows before becoming dark from lack of light.

  4. Guadalupe River State Park

    This park is regulated and controlled by the Texas Parks and Wildlife and requires an entrance fee of 7$ per adult. There are camping sites, a discovery center where you can learn about the different animal and bird species native to the area, hiking trails, and even a bird watching blind. My favorite area in this park is the area that meets the banks of the icy cold Guadalupe River. The river is mainly very shallow here and not wide at all allowing you to walk across and sit on the canyon walls that line the river. This is also a place known for it's fly fishing and during the winter months it is common to see people practicing along the banks.

  5. Canyon Lake

    This large and deep texas lake is home to a number of fish species making it a perfect place to go fishing. There is a Marina at the lake where you can rent a fishing guide who will take you on a charter boat to fish the middle of the lake if you prefer that to bank fishing. The lake is supplied directly from the Guadalupe river upstream which flows into the lake on the west end. There is a dam and an overlook on the southeast end of the lake which allows water to flow out feeding the guadalupe river downstream. In 2002 a devastating record setting flood hit this texas area and the results were not only catastrophic but also fascinating as the lake filled up to the height of the dam's wall and eventually spilled over in a spot next to the dam creating a gorge. After the water receeded archeologists explored the newly created Canyon Lake Gorge and discovered fossils and Dinosaur tracks within the ground. The Gorge is not open to the public except for guided tours.

  6. Gruene Texas

    If you prefer to do a little shopping in the Texas Hill Country this historic town is a must go to. The small town has become a booming industry for native texans and tourist alike. In the 'downtown' area you will find numerous ecclectic and unique shops from a shop selling nothing but Perserves and Jam to a Winery. After shopping be sure to stop by the Gristmill and enjoy a steak and margarita while looking out onto the Guadalupe River. Just be sure to bring your wallet because the Gristmill can be pricey!

  7. Fredericksburg Texas

    This small Texas town is known for it's Main Street shopping. A long street lined with historic looking buildings which have been renovated into shops owned by locals. On some weekends there are also Farmer's Market's where you can buy fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. There is also a winery in this town and you are allowed to carry and drink your glass of wine along main street as you shop. Be sure to stop by the park located north of main street and see read about the history and see the water wheel.

  8. Kerrville Texas

    Home to none other than fine jewelry brand JAMES AVERY this texas town has become more of a city. Located North on I-10 from San Antonio this city is also home to Shriner's University. More recently Kerrville has become known as the home of Texas A&M Football Star and Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny Manziel.

  9. Medina Lake

    Once a thriving lake attracting tourists from all over because of it's white rock beaches and beautiful blue water this lake has been the worst affected by the South Texas Drought. Where there was once deep water now only dry fast growing weeds. This lake has decreased in depth by an astonishing near 90 feet over the past few years. There is water still left by the Medina Dam and Marina and is worth a trip out there to see this sad spectacle. The drought has uncovered once hidden caves and caverns along the banks of the lake. Regardless of the lack of water left in the lake it is still a beautiful area in the Hill Country to visit. The towns of Mico and Lakehills which were once thriving with the business brought by tourists have now all closed their business doors and moved East towards better areas of business.

  10. Garner State Park

    This park is regulated and controlled by the Texas Parks and Wildlife. Situated along the banks of the freezing cold Frio River this park is a must see for all adventurers. There are miles of hiking trails which take you up and through the hills of the countryside. There is also a huge (VERY HUGE) rock made of granite which you can climb up to and see an amazing view from. Be sure to check out the "Crystal Cave" while your there. There are literally natural crystals that grow inside this cave and is an amazing site to see.

I hope this list of things to see in the Texas Hill Country has been informative for you. Be sure to check out all of the places I have included in this list, you will not be disappointed with a trip to the Texas Hill Country!