Why you should not switch on-off the air conditioning constantly?

Published: July 24, 2017

Whether turning on-off AC constantly saves power or not? Follow the article below!


Some users often turn on-off air conditioning when room air is cooling enough, turn it back on when the room temperature rises, and said to save energy. You might be mistake this is a great way to save energy. In fact, it doesn’t only increase the cost energy, but also making decrease the life of your AC.

Because turning AC on would consume energy more 3 times than to hold the cooling of room on, to restart the compressor, fan motor and cooled to the temperature settings when the room temperature has increased.


Furthermore, ambient temperature changes constantly so well as a negative impact on health, especially for oldster and children. Staying in an environment of constantly temperature changes can cause shock, headaches, fatigue such as the flu or respiratory disease.


Holding the stable and reasonable temperature in room, the difference with outdoor temperature is about 44-46 º F. Installation temperature should not be too low and should remain in the range of 79 to 82 º F is best for health. Besides, you can also consider buying a Inverter AC to reduce the cost energy if used daily demand more (over 8 hours/day).


So, switching on-off AC constantly doesn’t only increase the cost energy, make decrease the life of your AC, but also impact on health.


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