The Best Natural Food Restaurants in Las Vegas

Published: November 18, 2013

The Las Vegas Strip is full of amazing restaurants. Many celebrity chefs have opened award-winning eateries in the casinos that have become stopping points for foodies visiting the silver state.

But what if you want healthy food? Possibly vegan food? In this town of glitz and glam, there are a few stand-out spots that offer exactly this type of food.

Here is a brief list of the best, written by a local who loves healthy, organic food!

  1. Rainbow's End

    This place is many destinations rolled into one.

    First, it is a vitamin store. Lots of shelves stock vitamins, minerals, and health supplements. Next, it is a grocery store: there is a very small produce section, and a cooler full of natural dairy products and fresh, hormone-free eggs.

    And finally, the restaurant is the best part. A beautiful eatery, complete with paintings on the walls from local artists welcomes hungry guests. There are many inviting items on the menu, including the green goddess sandwich and the amazing avocado fries. Top off your visit to Rainbow's End with a delicious cup of tea or a homemade dessert, like baklava or blueberry pie.

  2. Go Raw Cafe

    This gem in the desert is tucked away in a tiny shopping district on the west side of Las Vegas. But it is always full of people! This little place offers mostly raw foods, prepared expertly by vegan chefs. A notable item on the menu is the purple burrito- a huge mass of delicious veggies and packed into a large purpler cabbage leaf. Another favorite is the lasagna- which is like no other lasagna on Earth! It is completely raw, held together with humus, zucchini strands and carrot sauce. Yummy!

  3. The Red Velvet Cafe

    This is another cafe located west of the Las Vegas Strip.

    The owners happily prepare most of the delicious meals and offers many vegan, vegetarian, egg-free, and organic options for health conscious patrons. The meal portions are perfect and the ambiance of the cafe is great for lunch or an early dinner with friends. Don't leave without ordering some of the signature red velvet cake-  a wonderful treat!

  4. Whole Foods Market

    Whole Foods is a grocery store that sells every natural and organic item you can think of. But their prepared foods and deli offerings are wonderful! If you venture to the location on the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard, you will be greeted with lots of tasty, read-to eat options. They have sushi, pizza, teriaki salmon bowls, rotisserie chicken, build-your-own sandwiches and a humongous salad bar! The also offer fresh, homemade juices, gelato, coffee, and kombucha- if you are into that kind of thing!

The amazing city of Las Vegas has something to offer everyone. Vegans and organic foodies should know that outside of the world-famous strip, many spots are ready to serve their cravings, with options for healthy, mouth-watering meals and low-calorie homemade desserts!