The Best Anime For Beginners to Get Started On!

Published: November 18, 2013

A lot of people have asked me "You like anime, where do I wanna get started if I want to watch some?" so I made a list of perfect shows to get started with. It's a hard genre to pick favorites in, almost like picking a book to read, so not everything might be in your interest!


  1. GinTama

    The length of the show might be a little bit intimidating, but it's a perfect show for those who don't want to stick to a single plotline. There's a lot of characters who get a bit of screentime and episodes dedicated to them, so you basically bond with all of them, and see their relationships with other characters on a close level.

    Overall, it's a happy comedy that's very easy to watch - there's plenty of tropes and parodies of anime you might already have seen a little bit of. Storylines that last multiple episodes never exceed 6. Most episodes you can pick on random and still enjoy it, and doesn't need to follow a certain order. Gintama can cater to just about every anime taste - that's why I've given it number 1!

  2. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    By a beloved studio, GAINAX, there's very few people who dive into Gurren Lagann and don't enjoy it. Colorful, favorable characters, and a deep yet fun storyline - It's a little bit fanservicy towards the guys, but it's very heartfelt and enjoyable, especially if giant robots or mechas pique your interests. It's a popular series that very few find it in them to dislike, so that's why I've rated it number 2.

  3. Ouran High School Host Club

    While not everyone may go for Shoujo-esque (girls anime), Ouran High School Host club has definitely won the hearts of both boys and girls, and a lot of people in America remember it as one of their first anime, people don't believe it if you haven't seen it yet it's that iconic! All of the characters are lovable with their own little quirks and traits that there's a character you're bound to love a lot. While it is catered more to girls, I still think it's appropriately placed at number 3.

  4. Steins;Gate

    Originally based off of a visual novel by Nitro+, it proves to be very promising, which many stories from Nitro+ tend to be! Steins;Gate does not disappoint. It caters a lot to 'nerds' from everything that isn't just anime, and it's very easy to see yourself from the main character, Okabe Rintarou's point of view. While it starts out pretty happy-go-lucky, the plotline takes a pretty darker twist, yet leaves you, the watcher, finding it hard to not watch the next episode. The score is lovely, and so is the animation, Steins;Gate is a masterpiece that would leave the watcher very pleased at number 4.

  5. Fate/Zero

    It's a prequel to the popular series Fate/Stay Night, and a perfect intro for the real thing.  It might be rather violent, but it's not just unnecessary violence - but it is a lot darker than /Stay Night, it's storyline is capitivating and does the overall franchise a lot of justice. It gives a lot of interesting backstory to a lot of the characters, and you learn to grow attached, love and cheer them on. A lot of people prefer /Zero over /Stay Night for these reasons, but when you finish, make sure to give Fate/Stay Night a shot.

    The violence might be a bit much for some anime viewers starting out, so it's number 5 on the list.

All of these shows are amazing in their own ways, but if you had to pick the best for an anime beginner, it would definitely be GinTama. A common first thing that watchers tend to get interested in some anime is seeing a character they want to know more about, and there's plenty of those in GinTama, as well as all of the other shows listed.