Top 5 best places to visit in London.

Published: November 18, 2013

Visiting a new country can be exciting and overwhelming! Let me offer you some of my favorite (and some popular) places to visit in London! I have been to all of these places and they provided me with such a wonderful vacation and great stories!

  1. London's Hop On Hop Off Tour

    While this isn't a "place" I'd highly recommend it! Tickets last for 24 hours and you're able to get on and off all the places that interest YOU! You get to travel around on a double decker bus (I highly recommend the top level - weather permitting) and it takes you to some of the best and most popular places in town!


  2. St. Pauls Cathedral

    St. Pauls Cathedral is awe-inspiring! You can explore the church or take a guided tour! You can even venture down into the crypt of the Cathedral! It offers a look at beautiful history and massive building structure. One of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever visited!


  3. Trafalgar Square

    What I consider the real "heart" of London, it offer's you a beautiful view of some of the most iconic attractions in London. It offers plenty of interesting statues and the fountains! The National Gallery is situated on the Northern Side allowing for easy access to other great attractions!

  4. Big Ben

    Easily one of the most popular and famous of the London attractions. Big Ben was the largest clock in the world and still boasts the title of largest in Great Britain. You are able to see Big Ben from various places in the city, but the most exciting for me is from the London Eye.

  5. The London Eye

    The London Eye is one of the newer tourist attractions but I easily consider it one of the most exciting. It allows for you to go up and observe much of London. The large wheel turns several glass capsules which allow you to look out over many famous landmarks of London.

London has many attractions to hold your attention. Make sure you mix in some of the most popular sightseeing with some of the most fun! The Hop On Hop Off and the London Eye give you great overviews of destinations to visit while also offering you a unique and thrilling experience!