The Best Plumbers in DFW

Published: October 6, 2016

As a contractor who has worked in the DFW area for over 20 years, I have worked with several area plumbing companies. I have found that many plumbing companies promise the moon, but few follow through. These three plumbing companies have always met or exceeded my expectations.

  1. Herndon McFarland Plumbing

    A good option for plumbing services in North Dallas is Herndon McFarland Plumbing. They really live up to their claim of " Quality with Integrity! " Many times I have had HMC Plumbing follow behind another company who claimed that major work was needed to repair or replace entire sewer systems, when in actuality only a few repairs were needed. The difference is the honesty and integrity that HMC Plumbing delivers. They are staffed with knowledgeable experienced plumbers who can accurately locate and repair below slab plumbing leaks. And I am excited to hear that they now offer residential service as well.

  2. Atlas Plumbing

    Another good option for plumbing service in Dallas is Atlas Plumbing. Their motto is " Trust the Best ", and they are one of the best in my opinion. They are very fast and reliable, and perform great work. This is another company who delivers on their promises. Atlas also offers testing and repair services, as well as regular plumbing service work.


  3. ClearWater Plumbing

    A good option for plumbing services in Fort Worth is ClearWater Plumbing. The guys at ClearWater can handle everything from a leaky faucet to a complete remodel, or new construction project. They are another plumbing company with excellent integrity in my opinion. ClearWater also offers testing and repair services, as well as regular plumbing service and even new construction. Like their slogan says " Do what you otter, call ClearWater " if you are in need of a good plumber in Ft. Worth.



In these times it is hard to find people, let alone entire companies, who will deliver what they promise and not take advantage of you. These three plumbing companies are the best in the DFW area in my opinion.