Best Cleaning Services in Seattle

Published: February 23, 2016

As life gets busier, you have to make tradeoffs about where you focus your time.  For most of us this means our homes get neglected.  Stacks of mail pile up, dishes sit in the dishwasher for weeks on end and dust collects on that table next to your reading chair because you never have time to read.  What we don't realize is that along with the clutter piling up, stress piles up because you never have the time to properly clean it.  

The best thing we did lately was to hire a few professional cleaners to come through the house and take care of the grime once and for all.  After using a number of companies, the following two really stood out.  

  1. Rainier Specialty Services

    We first hired Rainier Specialty Services to handle some of the deep cleaning.  They came through and professionally cleaned our carpets along with a thorough shine of all our tile floors.  While it's impressive the difference a professional tile cleaning can make in a 90 year old Tudor in Fremont, what really blew us away was the carpet cleaning.  This isn't the $99 carpet cleaning special that you'll find on Groupon, these guys had machines we had never seen before and picked up dirt we never thought would come out.  

  2. LaDonna's Cleaning Service

    Once the heavy cleaning had been done, we hired LaDonna's Cleaning Service to come through and give the rest of the house a full scrub down.  Their team was super friendly and dug into all the dark corners that we hadn't touched in years.  We had also just finished some construction in the basement (part of what prompted our decision to hire some professional cleaners) and LaDonna's Construction Clean Up service was exactly what the basement needed to clear out the leftover dust.  Fantastic work and would highly recommend them to anyone.  

The stress that has been lifted after hiring these two companies has been a game-changer in our daily lives and we can't thank them enough.  We couldn't find a cleaning company that could handle all of these tasks, but that's why you pay specialists because they're the best at what they do.