The top 5 reasons why is the best foot fetish meet-up site online

Published: August 23, 2015

Ever needed to find out what it was like to worship a stranger's feet that you liked? This site, allows you to choose from a list of private members who are available to let you worship their feet. There is no strings attached. You pay and go on your way. Perfect for any guy who would like to experience this for the first time. 

  1. Easy to score a date!

    The girls here are motivated to make money and if you just send them a message and ask for a time and date to meet, they will respond with an answer. Unlike other fetish sites for this type of thing like, foot fetish dating sites, the girls are never around and you're just wasting your time and in some cases your money, which takes me to reason number 2.

  2. Free to become a member.

    Becoming a member on Thegroupdmv.ocm is absolutely free, for the time being at least. They do have a way to donate to the progression of the business but not required. You are able to score dates at no charge and the girls are pretty awesome as well.

  3. Great customer service

    The guy there, Phil Johnson, is a real prompt type of guy. When you need something he is usually there within a short period of time. If you have a question, he will have an answer. Most othere sites, will never get back to you or would get back to you in about 1 week. Lol! This is a really good site to score. 

  4. Includes many features

    Besides scoring a foot fetish meet-up, you can also buy fetish pictures, videos, and old smelly shoes - which I love. If I'm not mistaken, thet have camming available too. They also offer different litlle contests that gives you the chance to win money. 

  5. The girls are real.

    Unlike other sites that are similar, does not allow any fake profiles, just to beef up the site. Every profile is real and these girls really talk back and are really there when you set a place for a meet-up. Join if you think I'm pulling your chain.

These are my 5 reason why is the best foot fetish meet-up site online, what are your reason?