10 Places to Visit in and near Roseville, CA

Published: March 24, 2015

 I was born and raised in Roseville, CA and although it is a quiet city there are many fun things to see and do in and around city limits.  There are definitely many other fun activities waiting to be experienced in this town but these are my 10 personal favorites that I would definitely recommend to any visiting family or friends.

  1. Sunsplash Water Park

    Sunsplash is definitely my personal favorite on the list.  Not only does this location offer an amazing water park in the summer, but there is also miniture golf, go karts, and an arcade all year round.  This a great place to visit with the whole family for an entire night of fun and amusement.

  2. Strikes Bowling

    Strikes is another great place to find entertainment for the whole family.  Of course there is bowling available but there is also an arcade, restaurant, and two bars.  This venue also holds fun events from time to time including a classic car show that I was able to enjoy. 


    Tip: Always check there website for coupons and group deals!

  3. John's Incredible Pizza

    Although there are John's Incredible Pizza locations in other cities, it is still a great place to entertain and feed your family at the same time.  John's offers a huge buffet style spread that, of course includes many different varieties of pizzas but tons of other options as well.  Once everyone has had their meal the fun begins with a large arcade and small amusement park style rides inside the building!

  4. Studio Grill

    This is another choice that has locations in other cities but is such a great experience to enjoy with your loved ones that I couldn't leave it off the list.  Studio Grill is a venue where you watch box office movies while having a sit down dinner; dinner and a movie all in one place!

  5. Galleria Mall

    The Galleria Mall is full of stores ranging from Forever 21 and Bath and Body Works to Louis Vuitton and Tiffany's.  There are several restaurants inside and attached to the mall to have a quick lunch break in your day of endless shopping.

  6. The Fountains

    Located directly across the street from the Galleria Mall, the Fountains offers a slightly different shopping experience.  For starters, this is an outdoor mall, with a gorgeous fountain proudly displayed in the center of the vicinity.  Seating is plentiful and fire pits are scattered throughout for guests to sit by on a chilly night.  During the holidays, cheerful music can be heard and during the summer months they host a street market which I was a part of last year.

  7. Park on Park

    This choice is much different than the others in that this location is simply a park.  The reason I have chosen it to be on the list is for the incredible view that it offers of the city and the sense of peace that can come over you when you visit it.

  8. Downtown Roseville

    If the nightlife is more your thing then you will want to visit Downtown Roseville, particularly on a Friday or Saturday night.  Many dive bars and small restaurants line streets of a small section of Downtown Roseville. 

  9. Thunder Valley Casino

    Another great choice for those who are looking for some adult fun is Thunder Valley Casino.  If you are visiting the area, you may have chosen this for your hotel but if you did not it is definitely a place to see.  During the summer months you can catch the Summer Concert Series which always includes a long list of varied artists.  If you are visiting during another part of the year this destination surely won't disappoint.  From buffet style restaurants, to upscale steak restaurants, to diner style eateries, and 3 bars, you will definitely find something you will enjoy here.

  10. Denio's Farmers Market

    This is a great place to visit on Friday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's.  This market offers fresh and local fruit and vegetables as well as many other goods and auctions.

Weather visiting the great town of Roseville, Ca for business or pleasure these are some of the places you must add to your itinerary if you want to see the best of what this city has to offer!