The best New York Style Italian Reataurant in Suffolk, VA

Published: March 19, 2015

The reason I am writing this judgment is to inform the residents and visitors of  a rare pizza restaurant that almost rivals any New York Style pizza joint that I have tasted in my pass.

  1. Sal's Pizza on Main Street

    Why does it deserve its place on this list? What sets it apart?


    What set this place apart from other pizza places in Suffolk, VA is that every thing I have tasted reminds me of the the NYC style pizza from the pass. The pizza pies is at gourmet status. The only knock they use boiled ham on the meat lovers. The deluxe Calzone is supreme. Surprisingly, their fried calamari marinara sauce with freshly squeezed lemons on most nights is something I really love. Something that I have truly missed and though I will never find in Suffolk is the Gyro sub. This is one of my favorite street food. It taste just like I remembered.

  2. Cosmic Pizza

    Why does it deserve its place on this list? What sets it apart?

    I have recently tried this new pizza joint. They have a special for $6.01. This includes two slices and a drink. You can have one item on the slice. The owner of this place is from New York and used to work at Sal's pizza for 11 years. The slices tasted very NYC. It was very, very, good.

These are the two favorite NYC style pizza place in the city of Suffolk.