The 10 best places to get Sushi in the USA

Published: March 17, 2015

This list is about all the different sushi restaurants that I have been too in the last 12 years in many different states. Some of them are well known restaurants others are just small town places that have some of the best foods out there. I have learned to love the smaller places because the owners are more inclined to get the best ingredients they can to make sure their company is one of the bests in town. All of the sushi places listed below belong on the list because they all have their own special things about each place and depending on your craving at the time will depend on what one you would like to try out when and also depends on where you are at in the United States. 

  1. Ganko, Waynesville, NC

    Ganko is family owned and a very friendly place. They do what ever they can to make sure their customers are taken care of. When I was pregnant they cooked the fish for me in all the rolls I chose since I was not able to eat raw fish. They have 2 locations here in western North Carolina. This is a place I love because they know you by name and always check on you to make sure you have everything you need and if you need something else they will make sure they get it right out to you.  

  2. Fujiyama, Colorado Springs, CO

    Fuliyama is a well known sushi place all over the country. I have been to the one in Colorado Springs and they have so many different types of sushi. They have the most unique ones I have ever had. And they have some of the best white tuna I have ever had. 

  3. Yoo Mae Japanese Cuisine and Sushi, Colorado Springs, CO

    Yoo Mae is a little hole in the wall sushi place that has a roll for every state in the United States. They use the different fishes from each state and put something from that state in every roll. They are very unique on how they do each one and they are very good depending on what you like. 

  4. Banzai Sushi, Denver, CO

    Banzai is a small sushi place also with really unique rolls. They have over 100 rolls that you can have raw, cooked or deep fried depending on what you like or are craving at the time. I also like trying the simple rolls first to see what kind of quality their fish are. 

  5. Minami Japanese Restaurant, Streamwood, IL

    This place we found because of my ex-husband. He is the one that got me into sushi and when he told us about this one we had to go try it out. We got there and the service was really good and they even helped us pick out some sushi since we had never been there before. We got one with scallops in it and was not sure if we would even like it and it was amazing. 

  6. Green Tea Sushi Restaurant, Asheville, NC

    Green Tea is a very good restaurant but it is a bit expensive. They have many different types of sushi as well. One big thing I like about Green Tea is that they have a catering section and it is a very good way to get some good food for your friends and family away from there. 

  7. Saki Sushi Sushi Restaurant, Waynesville, NC

    Saki is located in Waynesville, NC and is right by the river going through Waynesville. It is a very nice little place with very friendly people and very good food. They have some very good fish that they have gotten for all the different rolls they make. 

  8. Mikuni Sushi, Sacramento, CA

    I have not been to this sushi place for about 12 years but back then it was a very good place at the time and I am sure they have upgraded a lot since I was there last and it looks a lot better than it did back then. I never thought I would find so many more places like this 12 years ago. I was just starting my adult life and I had never tasted something so good as I did here. I could not get a picture to upload on this one so I decided to give you the website to check out. 

  9. Hana Japanese Hibachi & Sushi Bar, Asheville, NC

    Hana has so many different rolls as well and you always want to try them all but you can't do that in one night. It would be great if you could but you can just keep going till you do or find some of your favorites and get those and one new one. This is a very nice place to sit down and enjoy some good sushi. 

  10. Zen Sushi, Asheville, NC

    Zen is a lot like Gree Tea but they are not as expensive and also have a catering program. There sushi is made very well and with some of the best fish I have tasted here in North Carolina. They are a very friendly place and I will always go back for more. 

I can't really choose which one is the best because they all have their own bests in different ways. There are so many more sushi places I have not been too and I would love to travel more around the United States and find others to see how different each place is depending on what state I go too. If there is anyone who knows of any others that are really good and are not on the list and I know there is a lot of them that are not on this small list, then let me know I would love to try so many more places and see what other different places there are out there for the world to find. Growing up I never thought I would like sushi or even raw fish but now that I have gotten used to it I can never give it up. I could not even give it up while I was pregnant. I just had them cook it so I could eat it. I do hope everyone enjoys this list and can see where I am coming from on putting these on the list in the first place. They are all very good places to go and all hvae their own ways of making some of the best sushi I have ever eaten.