The best landscapers near horse cave, ky.

Published: March 17, 2015

This is a list of the best professional landscapers in my area. Groups or people who are truly excellent at their job, turning simple landscaping into a work of art.

  1. Tennyson's Lawn and Landscape

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    This company is absolutely amazing, providing cheap professional work on any type of lawn or land. They always finish on time, do amazing work, even pesenting artistic talent if requested. They offer their services at a insanely low price and provide top of the line service. This is hands down the best company you can find within a 200 mile radius. If you want your landscaping done well, fast, and in a top quality manner, this is THE company to go to. I could not recommend it enough.

  2. Smith Lawn Care

    Smith mowing is another amazing group. They might not have the artistic ability of the top, but they provide clean, effecient work for a very fair price. You can expect uniform quality of lawns, perfectly trimmed bushes and trees, spotless gardens and flower beds, and hedges that look like they came pre-cut from a factory. These guys provide some of the best service I have ever seen. Also, you can always expect emediate service, as they are somehow always prepared to go anywhere within their service areas. I have seen them show up for a job only 20 minutes after being called, and the longest wait I have heard of is 3 hours. They somehow always get to the job on the same day it is ordered, regardless of the situation.

  3. Green Leaf Landscape Co

    Now this company is a bit hard to judge, but considering the quality of work they provide, I decided top 3 was good choice. First, fair warning: they are extremely expensive. Easily 2 to 3x more pricey than the previous 2 companies. That aside, the work they do is amazing. They can do just about anything you can think of with a bush or hedge. Watched them turn a simple bush into a roaring griffon once, which was so detailed i expected it to start flapping it's wings and fly off at any moment. They have slow response time, and are VERY expensive, but if your not in any hurry and you have a ton of cash, these guys can do literally anything you want.

  4. D&j Landscaping Maintenance

    Now this company is a true jack of all trades. They do landscaping, and extremely well I might add, but they also perform other major jobs, such as snow plowing, removal of fallen trees, irrigation, (ie if your sewage bursts, your good to go), even major maintanence such as damaged property or destroyed lands. These guys might not be the best there is, but considering the low prices they charge, and the variety of services they provide, it's a pretty easy choice to go for these guys if your in a serious situation.

  5. Daniel's Lawnscapes Inc

    Here is another jack of all trades. They offer even more than the previous company, including porch, deck, and patio repairs. Wall repairs, sidewalk installation or repair, and they will even bring in gardening products. These guys will do just about anything for you, and they will do it very well, with extreme quality. The only downside, like so many others, is the price. They charge by the job, but it is typically 25-50% higher than anyone else. This may seem like a lot but in truth it is worth every penny, considering how well these guys perform and all the various tasks they are willing to perform. In the end this company is always worth the extra few dollars.

  6. US Lawn & Landscape, LLC

    US Lawn

    Now this one is absolutely amazing. They perform their jobs with unyeilding skill and endless determination. The downside is it is EXTREMELY hard to get an appointment, not to mention the fact 90% of their customers are large buisnesses, making it near impossible for a private party to hire them. If you are able and capable of hiring them, you should also expect an exorbitant price. Now, don't get me wrong, if you do manage to hire them, it is worth every penny and more. Within a few hours you will have a yard, patio, deck, porch, gazeebo, etc that looks like it should be on the front cover of Home & Garden.

  7. Top Cut Lawn Services LLC

    Alight, this one is another standard "Lawn and bush" company. In other words, if it's a plant, they'll do it. They have a great history and record of being well priced and excellent at their job. They will do just about anything plant related. Trim bushes, plant them, plant grass, mow, trim hedges, design images in hedges, etc. Considering the great price, it is definetly worth it if you want the basic landscaping without all the extra bells and whistles.

  8. Superior Landscapes and Mowing

    Superior Landscapes

    Another primarily grass and lawn company. These guys are quite a bit more expensive than the previously mentioned company, but the work the perform is much better as well. You can expect true professional quality when you hire these guys, but you should also expect a high price and a bit of a snobbish attitude. They tend to look down on customers for some reason, but they do manage to be nice during the interaction. They have a good respond time as well.

  9. Cherry Lawn & Landscapes

    Cherry Lawn

    These people are pretty good too. Only down side is they tend to focus entirely on trees and groves, most of the projects they perform being the planting and caretaking of various types of tree farms. While they do occasionally perform standard projects, you'll find it fairly difficult getting them to agree to one, unless the price offer is high enough to compete with a tree farm. If you do hire them, they will perform whatever job you ask with precision and extrordinary skill.

  10. TruGreen

    And last, but not least, comes TruGreen. These guys are probably the best priced on the list. You can get an entire yard done for next to nothing. The down side is the work is fairly basic. Simple mowing, simple trimmng. The typically wont plant, and have no artistic options. That aside, if all you need is a clean and nice looking yard, then this is the company for you.

Again, Tennyson's Lawn and Landscape is by a mile the best company to choose.