Best 10 beta testing websites (free/open source, public, and closed testing)

Published: March 16, 2015

This is a list of the 10 best beta testing websites available to do beta tests on. The website list includes a list of hardware and software beta testing websites I found. Read on in order to find out which ones made the list.

  1. VMC Beta testing

    This item on the list is a nice place to beta test and is a website to look forward to when beta testing games and computer software. You can beta test PC, Xbox 360/One Games, and more when you sign up.


    1.Requires PSN or Xbox Live ID?


    2. Sign up Available at this time?

    Yes go here to sign up.

    3. Do they only accept a limited amount of testers at a time?

    A. Yes, they have a waiting list but you will be accepted once you reach the top of the list. Keep waiting for a beta test and you might actually receive one.




  2. Microsoft Connect

    Microsoft Connect has been around for about 7-8 years or more and has been giving people the ability to beta test many different hardware and software devices for years from Microsoft's Lab. They run Xbox Live update betas that may allow people to get invited to beta test more sophisicated hardware or software with them but you never know with Microsoft!

    Requirements for Xbox Testing:

    1. Requires Xbox Live ID?

    A resounding Yes, you are required to have a Xbox Live ID to beta test Xbox games. A no for other beta tests they give.

    2. Sign up available at this time?

    Yes, it is almost always available on the website here and requires a Windows Live ID.

    3. Is their limited enrollment?

    No, anyone can sign up and their are general beta tests which require a large amount of people to stress their products.


  3. Betabound by centercode

    People in CT (Combat Testing) remember hearing about centercode which is still alive and well. It's beta testing website was renamed betabound. This is a must for betatesting! I highly recommend this website for anyone serious about hardware beta testing and more tests besides games or software second to Microsoft's Connect program.


    1. For beta testing games is the Xbox Live or PSN ID required?

    Depends on the person or company performing the beta test. But the nice betas for Xbox or playstation will most likely be a yes.

    2. Sign up available at this time?

    Yes, you can sign up here.

    3. Is their a limited number of signups available?

    No, people can sign up at beta bound and possibly get invited to a beta.







  4. ReconstructMe (beta testing a product for ART/Designers)

    For those wishing to go into the art aspect of beta testing. Their is a beta test with the Kinect which allows a person to scan any object in real life and pull it up as a 3D object in MeshLab and then their favorite 3D editing program.

    1. Where do I go to sign up?

    You can go to the website here and sign up. It may require contacting the developers to get an invite to beta test the product.

    2. Does it have limited sign ups?

    Not sure, ask the developers about this matter and see if their is a waiting list.


  5. Codeplex (Large open source repository)

    Codeplex is a large repository of code samples, installers of free software, add-ins to extend software, and plain for fun stuff. Look for stuff in beta in-order to help shape future software or technical advances if you wish.

    1. Where do I sign up?

    It does not have a sign up process per-say because its open to everyone. It does require a username and password or windows live ID.

    2. Does it have limited sign ups?

    No, it does not have limited sign ups because its open to everyone.

    Extra Notes:

    1. Most software is use at your own risk. Sometime, virus protection is ran  and projects are cleaned up or removed from time to time.

    2. You can make money by people just viewing your project page and each page on it. In addition, you can accept paypal  or other donations by placing a link on your project page.

    Note: a lot of projects on this website require the dotnet framework to run programs or projects please make sure you have this installed before proceeding to run software.


  6. GitHub

    GitHub is one of the natural first places a lot of programmers turn to when looking for free or open source software projects to help out with to gain experience.


    1. Where do I sign up?

    Type in information on home page and click sign up. Click here to go to the github homepage.

    2. Does it have limited sign ups?

    No, it does not have limited sign ups and is available to everyone.

    3. Can I make money with the website?

    Only through donations.

  7. Sourceforge

    sourceforge is another website similar to Codeplex and GitHub in the fact that it supplies open source and free software to people. It has its own dedicated porgrammers and companies making projects that work.

    1. Where do I sign up?

    You can go to their home page and click the join link. Click here to go to the home page.

    2. Does it have limited sign ups?

    No, it does not have limited sign ups and is available to everyone.

    3. Can I make money with the website?

    I have not become a developer and I am not sure. Look around the website for more information.

  8. User Testing

    User Testing is beta testing for actual websites. No code and only basic computer knowledge is required to beta test websites.


    1. Where do I sign up?

    You go to the websites home page and click the Get paid to test link. Click here to go to the home page.

    2. Does it have limited sign ups?

    No, anyone can sign up but it may be a week before you receive websites to test.

    3. Are their any other requirements?

    Yes, you need to install client software once registered in order to be ta test websites. In addition, they use paypal for payouts right now. The payout system may change in the future.

    4. What are the payouts?

    Usually ranging from $3-25 depending on the test.



  9. Fog Project

    Fog project is a very cool and simple system with a simple GUI for imaging computers in a small to medium sized company. Its open source and I clocked it at my last job at 30 minutes for 30 computers on a gigabit connection. It has a PXE server, automatic imaging settings, and some software installation capabilities.  Lastly, its open source so feel free to beta test at any time and submit bugs and improvements.

    1. Where do I sign up to beta test?

    you need a github account to beta test it as a programmer. If you are feeling up to it go here to beta test as a programmer.

    2. Does it have limited sign ups?

    No, anyone can sign up but the lastest releases may be available only to programmers until bugs are resolved.


  10. Google Code

    Sometimes, I find some interesting projects hosted on the google code servers. It appears though its not generated enough interest as Codeplex, GitHub, or other open source websites to allow new projects. Time will tell though.

    1. Where do I sign up to beta test or create a project?

    You need a google account and sign up at google code here

    2. Does it have limited sign ups?

    No, not that I am aware of. Check back in the future to see if sign ups have closed though.



I think that Microsofts connect program despite have duplicate posts of the same idea during beta tests it managed to peak my interest greatly. You never know what you will beta test next with them.  The second on my list was the betabound website which proved very useful in helping me get in-touch with beta test NETGEAR products.