The best coffee shops in Tucson

Published: February 26, 2015

My top 10 list is going to be about what coffee shops I think are the best in Tucson, AZ. I have been to many, and tend to be picky. The way I tend to judge cafes, are based of their variety they have available, if they have food as well, and what their atmosphere is like.

  1. Black Crown Coffee

    Black Crown Coffee(formally know as the SafeHouse) is quite the carming little cafe. I've been going there for years, even before it made the switch in owners, and it hasn't changed much. It lost all the dirt and stench from the SafeHouse days, but keep all the good. The coffee is amazing, the beans are local, and even though they don't let you soke inside anymore, you can go outside to their awesome little patio, or the seating behind the buliding. 

  2. Cafe Passe

    This one is my top favorite. A great spot(4th ave). Not only do they have awesome food( and most of it is healthy too!) they make some pretty awesome coffee and tea. The seating outside is amazing. Two joining patios, a bar outside(for the nighttime crowd, the also serve beer, yay!) and a stage at the back. Local musicians play there often, and the trees and garden they have in the back make it such a great place to go and relax while you enjoy delcious things. 

  3. Epic Cafe

    Another great cafe on 4th Ave. They have a lot of vegan options and they make the best matte latte. Local art is always hanging on the walls, and they finally put in an A.C unit (thank god) 

  4. Cartel Coffee

    Being more of a college hang out and study center, this place still holds up on quaility. Their coffee is so good, it's one of the only spots in town that I can drink it black, and it be a good cup of coffee instead of having that bitterness. And of course, the customers are pretty entertaining too. 

  5. Sky Bar

    I know that since it's a bar, you wouldn't think of it as a cafe. But in the early morning hours, they make some killer coffee, and the best part it that it is super cheap! They also make some great fresh pastries. If you don't mind hanging out at a bar early morning to drink your coffee, it is worth stopping by.

  6. Coffee X-change

    A tucson local business, Coffee X-Change has had some troubles along the way. They closed a few locations over the years, but the one in mid-town(the best one anyway) has always been solid. They have a huge closet of board games(awesome!) and let you stay for hours playing. Their coffee is pretty awesome, but their muffins and sandwiches are super delicious.

  7. Caffe Luce

    Local at it's best. They know all their customers drinks(their regulars) and even if you're new to going, they are super nice. Their beans are locally roasted, and they make their pastries. My favorite part though, that if you ask them to, they will make a pretty piece of artwork with your foam. Last time I went, they made me a cat with a mustache on my latte.

  8. Shot in the Dark

    Shot in the Dark is the only 24 hr cafe in town, but that doesn't mean they aren't high quality. Any hour of the day, you can get great food and drink and just hang out with awesome people. And their prices very reasonable. 

  9. Raging Sage

    Raging safe has been around for a long time. Not only can you get good coffee and food, but you can also enjoy the smell of the beans roasting(local roaster) but a lot of people hate that smell(i love it) 

  10. Ghini's French Caffe

    Ghini's isn't just one of the best coffee shops and bakeries, but has the best breakfast food!! And if you sit outside and bring your dog, they bring out little water dishes and treats for your dogs. Super friendly place and great people.

Tucson has some of the best coffee shops in town, I love all the ones I listed for different reasons, but I do have to say, Cafe Passe is my top favorite.