Best Auto Repair Shops in Lexington, KY

Published: November 17, 2013

If you're new to Lexington, Ky., or just looking for a great auto repair shop, please try any of the auto repair shops on this list! They are ALL FANTASTIC and trustworthy - the assessments are realistic, the quoted prices are fair, and the staff are reliable and pleasant to deal with. 

  1. Tony's Automotive Repair

    Located on Angliana Ave., it's in an easily accessible area near downtown, the staff are trustworthy and the prices are ALWAYS fair. I always come away thinking that the cost is always much lower than I think it will be, and the problem is always fixed. It's a total relief to find a mechanic and auto-repair specialist who just wants to do a great job and do it fairly.

  2. Lowell's Independent Automotive

    Super reliable and always fair! The mechanics are so good at what they do. They are located on Mechanic Street (actual name of the street) in Lexington, which is very accessible and easy to find. 

  3. Adam's Auto Repair

    Located on Walton Avenue and the staff are always incredibly professional, fast and repairs and tune-ups are always reasonably priced!.

  4. Scheller Auto Repair

    Located on Commercial Drive in Lexington - easy to find, the staff are so professional and always great about explaining the repairs done on the car and the prices are always honest. 

  5. Auto Excel Auto Repair

    Same day service! Can't beat that. The mechanics all have advanced licenses in car repair and are super nice, professional, and always honest. The shop is located on Gold Rush Rd., right off Coventry Rd in Lexington. 

There are many places to get one's car repaired in Lexington, but the top 5 listed here are absolutely reliable, professional, fast, and honest. Give them a try.