Top Ten Most Exciting UFC Fights in History

Published: February 24, 2015

Everyone loves a good old fashioned brawl, these ten UFC fights may not all have been slug fests but also technical wars that some people may overlook. The UFC has been open since about 1996 and has had a large number of fights, especially most recently with the amount of shows they have been putting on. At ten plus fights per card and over 35 cards alone this year, there are thousands of fights to choose from. As a casual or maybe new or not even a fan at all, these are ten fights that you should check out and get to see what this spectacle of a sport is. Think of this as your MMA starter pack. 

  1. Jon "Bones" Jones VS Alexander "The Mauler" Gustaffson UFC 165

    This fight will forever be remembered as one of the greatest UFC Light Heavyweight Championship fights in history. The setup: Jon Jones is a young, unstoppable beast in the two hundred and five pound limit weight division. He has torn through all of his oppenents with ease. Alexander is also a young kid, from Sweden, he was never given too much of a chance in this bout. With Jones having dismantled legends like Maricio Shogun Rua, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans, and Quinton Rampage Jackson, surely he would get through Gus with ease as well, right? Wrong. Alexander took the champion into deep waters. They went all five rounds in a classic war that saw a champion crowned who most definitely deserved it. I chose this fight because of the absolute war these to giants put on, they left everything they had in the cage that night and showed just how important that championship is to them. 

  2. Forrest Griffin VS Stephan Bonnar

    This fight, as most MMA fans know, was the turning point for the sport. The company had just signed a deal with Spike TV and were trying to make MMA the main stream sport that it is becoming. You can only do this with the right amount of fans. This single fight brought in plenty of fans and is probably one of the greatest brawls and showing of heart I have ever seen. They were competing that night for a six figure contract with the UFC as part of a reality show tournament where they had to fight their way into the finals. They delivered. 

  3. Gilbert Melendez VS Diego Sanchez UFC 166

    This fight was a jaw dropper. Mexican fighters have always been known to throw down and give it all they have and these two proved that yet again. Two of the best lightweights in the world set to square off and it made for one hell of a war. A fight seeing both men get dropped, rocked and tagged with hits that would finish most. Check this fight out!

  4. Frankie Edgar VS Gray Maynard UFC 125

    The lightweight championship was on the line. Frankie was looking like the best fighter in the world at the time, yet Gray had already gotten a win on Frankie previously before this rematch. In a fight that, like their 2 others, became an instant classic, there is not one second that you will not be entertained. Both men brought it and they went after each other with just about everything but the kitchen sink! This is a war that you wont be able to sit down for, so you might as well start watching it while standing because you will be up on your feet during the bout. 

  5. Mark "The Super Samoan" Hunt VS Antonio "Big Foot" Silva UFC Fight NIght: Bigfoot vs Hunt

    Everyone loves the heavyweights. The big boys of the ring or the cage are almost guaranteed a nasty knock out. Some times however, thats not the case and due to the size and stature the two men tire and we get a boring decision. This fight is far from that. Two heavyweights, one significantly smaller than the other and one larger than most guys in the division. It culminated into what was one of the craziest, brutal heavyweight fights the world has ever seen. These two decided to bite down on their mouthguards and go for the kill, which makes this one of the greatest fights of all time and probably the greatest heavyweight fight ever. 

  6. Anderson "The Spider Silva" VS Chael Sonnen UFC 117

    This is one of the greatest comeback stories in MMA or possibly any sport. Anderson Silva, the reigning UFC Middleweight champion was and is still one of the greatest mixed martial artists to grace the cage. He would continuously, fight after fight, mentally and physically dismantle his opponents before getting his hand raised and the belt strapped around his waist. This time however, it would not be as easy. For roughly four and a half rounds Chael landed some big shots before taking silva down with some what ease and pounding away on the god like fighter. This was until Anderson Silva proved he was a champion and locked Chael in a Triangle Choke securing the tap out and the victory and retaining his championship. The two would later do a rematch with a bit of a different ending. 

  7. Anderson Silva VS Forrest Griffin UFC 101

    I chose this fight for a different reason. Part of it to introduce you to the champion Anderson Silva, but mostly because of the technical aspect of this fight. Anderson Silva would sometimes be refferenced to as a modern day Bruce Lee and after you watch this fight, you will understand why. 

  8. Jim Miller VS Joe Lauzon UFC 155

    Two submission artists enter the cage and leave bloodied and broken. This was one of the greatest fights I have ever witnessed live. The heart shown by these two was phenomenal. This fight is not for the feint at heart but is so worth the watch. Its not just a blood bath, there is nothing but technique in this fight, it just so happened it was violent technique. 

  9. Dan Henderson VS Shogun UFC 139

    Two legends of the sport collide for the first time. I was a doubter when this fight was announced. I thought it would suck, I was completely wrong as this ended up being one of the greatest fights in history. Both warriors were rocked, both got back up and came back for more. This is a must see fight! The two met in a rematch later and it was just as good. 

  10. GSP VS BJ Penn UFC 58

    Two of the greatest fighters to grace the octogon collide in a memorable fight as BJ, a former lightweight champion, moved up 15 pounds to face the welterweight Georges St Pierre. 

These are ten of the greatest UFC fights in my eyes, I could go on to list a hundred more because the UFC is always putting out great fights, but this is my top ten. Some fans may disagree and say that one of the fights here dont belong in the top ten and another does. Thats okay, this is only my opinion. I suggest you casual fans or non fans start with number ten and move on to number one, as the fights just get better and better.